Tina Nguyen IFBB Pro Fitness Model Profile

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Tina Nguyen General Overview
Tina Nguyen is a Vietnamese-American IFBB ( International Federation For Bodybuilding and Fitness ) fitness model who first appeared in the public limelight in 2014 after winning that year’s NPC ( National Physique Committee’s ) Championships in the figure category.

At only 23 years old ( she was born on January 5th, 1992 ) Tina Nguyen is one of the youngest female pro bodybuilders today and in history. Besides bodybuilding and modeling, Tina is also currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing.

Physically, the youngest IFBB pro stands 161cm tall ( 5ft 3Inches) and maintains an accurate in-contest weight of around 115lbs ( 50kg ). Otherwise, when not in session ( off-season), Tina Nguyen is known to weigh anywhere between 125 to 130lbs ( approximately 55kg). Considering her petite weight, the reason she competes in the figure category is quite clear.

Tina Nguyen
Tina Nguyen

Being one of the few professional athletes from the 90’s generation, Tina Nguyen enjoys a huge social media presence. The number of her Instagram followers peaked to a staggering One hundred thousand ( 101,598) in late 2014, becoming one of IFBB most trolled stars.

Tina Nguyen Background and Childhood

Tina Nguyen was born in Vietnam some 23 years ago to an African-American father and a Vietnamese mother. When she was 13 years old, the family emigrated to the United States in Dallas, Texas. Tina recalls how the culture shock of moving to the States took a mild toll on her throughout her teenage years. Struggling to fit in the new society, books and the gym became her only refuge. At only the age of 21, she had already earned an associates’ degree in sciences.

Tina Nguyen is also almost graduating from college with a bachelor’s degree in Nursing. She also revealed during a recent interview how she plans on pursuing a Master’s degree in Anaesthesia after completing her undergraduate studies.

Additionally, Tina Nguyen started working out as a hobby and a simple pastime, after a while she realized that she had a knack for pushing iron and became gradually hooked to it. It’ wasn’t long before a friend pointed it out to her that she had the potential to succeed in the fitness industry.

Bodybuilding and Modelling career

Even though she used to frequent the gym from when she was 16, Tina Nguyen started competing in 2013 at the age of 20. By then she had built such a lean and muscular profile, to easily qualify to compete in the figure class.

Her first ever show was in the Texas 2013 state championships held in Dallas. After lining up together with 26 other amateur athletes, she was listed among those who had qualified for the NPC nationals in that year.

Despite, been shortlisted, Tina Nguyen choose to forego the 2013 championships to concentrate first on her degree whilst training even harder.
After staying out of the arena for the better part of 2013, Tina Nguyen resurfaced in 2014, this time round she went straight to the nationals.

Her breakthrough in the bodybuilding industry, however, didn’t materialise until when she participated in the 2014 NPC National Championships. Competing in the figure and fitness categories, Tina Nguyen stole the show by being crowned the winner in her amateur class. She also went ahead to win the overall women’s title in the same competitions.

That marked her last competition as an amateur, as she also earned her pro card after registering such a grandeur victory, unusual for a first-time national competitor.

At the age of only 22 years, Tina Nguyen became the youngest professional IFBB bodybuilder to win the nationals at the first attempt. There’s no doubt that many upcoming bodybuilders look up to her success for inspiration.

Her pro debut was in the just concluded 2015 IFBB Europa Dallas. And, Tina Nguyen didn’t disappoint her massive followers in Instagram when she was named the second best athlete in the Women’s Figure class.

Gym workout plans & Endorsements

Being a successful fitness model has opened many avenues for Tina Nguyen. Her latest endorsement contract was being selected as the face of Blackstone Labs and Prime Nutrition. Both are successful nutrition and supplement companies that Tina has helped market to upcoming fitness athletes.

Tina Nguyen, who follows a twice-a-day cardio rule for her workout regimen, is also a professional model for a couple of fitness magazines and e-zines. Her latest contract with HD Body.com ended a few months ago, where her modeling was a way encouraging fellow American young women that they could be physically fit and still be attractive.


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  1. 21guns says:

    Respect to these ladies who are into bodybuilding, fitness and figure.

    I’m not sure if the bikini fitness that ladies are putting on make up to make themselves look glamorous fits in with our sport.

    Then emphasizing the curves donning the skimpy bikinis.

    I think it’s not just about being sexy in a bikini but showing how strong women with a toned physique can be.

  2. bigrobbie says:

    It comes across funny that this perfect specimen almost tripped and fell on her pro card! Not saying she isn’t deserving, however…think of the multitudes of pro hopefuls who never make it!

    However she made it…she’s a truly dedicated pro and I’ll look forward to following her career!


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