Testosterone Suspension To Have Great Bodybuilding Results

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Testosterone suspension has a nice reputation to be used as pregame or pre workout stimulant that helps to increase overall aggression. It is the injectable preparation that contains testosterone in water base. As the testosterone is not much soluble in water, this steroid will separate considerably from solution when vial is left to just sit. So, a quick shaking will place the steroid back into the suspension so that withdrawn dose is consistent.

Why are testosterone suspension so popular?

Among the bodybuilders, testosterone suspension is largely known to be potent mass agent. Most often, the suspension is ranked as the strongest injectable steroid, producing great gains of muscle strength and mass. This is mainly because of fast action of the drug as water based steroids will start t enter the blood immediately after the injection.

Through its nature, the testosterone suspension increases overall nitrogen retention dramatically in muscles thereby allowing the proteins to be preserved in muscles as the proteins serve as building blocks of the muscles and high lean tissue improves metabolic rate. Through the mode of action, Testosterone is there with the ability to block as well as reduce the muscle wasting hormones called as gluco corticosteroid. While the testosterone has limitless traits, it has the ability to increase the production of IGF-1 in the body. It is important to note that IGF-1 is the strong peptide hormone of anabolic nature and it plays a vital role along with HGH Supplements.

Benefits of testosterone suspension

Testosterone Suspension

By using testosterone suspension, the athlete notices considerable increase in strength and size in just 1 week. So, by the time the user uses the suspension for a month, the gains are massive. Clearly this shows that the anabolic effects of such suspensions are realized quickly than what we expect with oil based preparations.

The very popular practice with these suspensions is to actually inject the steroid at least in every 2 to 3 days. The dose will vary a lot as per the needs of the user but it is most often in range of 50 to 300 mg in per shot. The athletes looking forward to achieve extremely rapid gains will inject the dose of about 100mg per day. In many cases, the cycle can be great, the user seeming to “inflate” with the bloated muscle mass in short duration of time.

Last but not least, testosterone suspensions are both androgenic and anabolic and the environment it makes, provides the capacity to block the muscle wasting hormone that destroy the muscle tissues and thus promote fat increase. It is also important to always remember that metabolic efficiency is the ultimate key to performance athletes and so blocking the hormones promotes that. Thus, with a lot of benefits and health plus, testosterone suspensions should be taken with much care for enjoying the best of bodybuilding and sports performance results.

It is also to be remembered that testosterone suspensions are made available by different companies and so you should opt for the reliable and beneficial ones only. Always ask your doctor before using any suspension.

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