Testosterone Enanthate For Healthy, Muscular Body

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Testosterone enanthate is the longer lasting single ester steroid that has 7 carbons in length. This simply means that more weight of steroid is actually testosterone and not ester weight. So when taking some quantity of esterified steroid, total weight is the blend of ester weight as well as steroid. That being said, the long esters like cypionate have more amount of ester weight and less steroid weight. And thus for this reason, testosterone enanthate is preferred over cypionate.

What is so good about Testosterone enanthate?

The main advantage of enanthate is that the substance has strong and powerful androgenic effect and is thus coupled with anabolic component to offer great results. This further allows everyone to build up loads of mass and strength and that too within a short span of time. The strong and rapid weight increase is then combined with water retention as the retention of water and electrolytes take place. The power lifters and weightlifters and that too those in higher weight category appreciate such a characteristic. In such a group, testosterone enanthate, cypionate are the top steroids.

The dosage of 500, 1000 or 2000 mg every day are not a rarity. The sports disciplines needing high amount of raw power, stamina and aggressiveness offer great application for the Depot testosterone. Water retention has other benefits as well. The people who have problem with joints, inter-vertebral disks and shoulder cartilages due to heavy training face temporary relief by using testosterone enanthate.

Testosterone enanthate

Because of longer half life of the testosterone enanthate, a dosage of 500mg each week can be utilized for first time for about 10 weeks to enjoy good results. Stacking the oral steroids on first cycle is basically believed to be unnecessary as it is not possible to gauge the responsiveness of the body to the individual steroids used and know which ones can actually cause the side effects.

Testosterone enanthate for bodybuilding

For bodybuilders, water retention which goes in combination with using enanthate cuts both the ways. Surely, one gets massive and strong very rapidly but one’s reflected image after some weeks shows completely dull, watery as well as puffy muscles. Also, the muscles appear to be as if they have been totally pumped up with air. Through supplementing with enanthate when on a calorie restricted diet, we actually create the environment that is just suitable for preserving the tissue, thus increasing overall metabolic function. Further, testosterone blocks the muscle wasting hormones and thus as they are present while dieting, this serves as an added advantage.

As you may have understood by now that testosterone enanthate is the one whose effects are dependent on the dosage, higher the dosage simply means higher muscle building effects. So, what are you thinking of? Consult your doctor now and see if enanthate can be useful for your bodybuilding goals or not.

Also make sure that you take the right and prescribed dosage of enanthate to enjoy the best of bodybuilding results in no time. Make certain that you tell your doctor about any other drugs or steroids that you may be taking before you start your dosage for enanthate.



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