Omnadren – The Effective Muscle Enhancing Compound

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Omnadren is the anabolic steroid that is a perfect blend of 4 types of testosterone esters. Like other testosterone forms, Omnadren is believed to have high anabolic and androgenic response and offers the users great gains as far as muscle mass is concerned. It is usually taken by the weight lifters and bodybuilders so that they can enjoy increased physical strength. The 4 testosterone esters are Propionate, isocaproate, caproate and phenylpropionate. The mix of all such esters does not change testosterone in the body because the hormone works perfectly irrespective of esters attached.

Benefits of Omnadren

Further, Omnadren is used for promoting increased strength and muscle gain. The compound is made up of esters with same functions and effects as testosterone. For the athletes who need increased endurance and strength, the dosage every 3 days is required. The steroid is needed to make sure that the blood vessels are stable. Long lasting effect is actually due to ester propionate that is a necessary part of the combination.

The compound also enhances protein synthesis as it converts into dihydrotestosterone. During the process, the body acquires more of proteins that are used for creating the new muscle tissues. The proteins are produced when body receives positive nitrogen balance that is stored in the tissues and cells.

Omnadren for bodybuilding

Omnadren 250

Apart from all this, Omnadren is even useful to improve production of the red blood cells along with its function as a useful bulking agent. The point that Omnadren can offer results in short period of time is the biggest factor behind the immense popularity and demand of the compound/steroid. Along with the time releasing properties, like the other forms of testosterone, Omnadren is highly androgenic and anabolic thus it is apt to offer massive increase in size and strength both. Through enabling one’s body to increase the nitrogen stored in muscle, there is increase in protein synthesis and its testosterone’s ability dramatically increases the production of IGF-1. In all, Omnadren is the purest steroid used for mass and strength purposes. Also, as testosterone readily blocks as well as lowers down the muscle wasting hormones and helps in dissipating the stored body fat, it serves to be a great steroid for dieting reasons for athletes and others.

Being a mild diuretic that is used to cure high blood pressure and reduce water and salt retention, Omnadren can be utilized as pre competition drug that can help its users to get rid of the subcutaneous water before any competition. It is crucial that that users do not take any sort of potassium supplement when using this compound as potassium can prove to be life threatening.

The men competitors generally take 100 mg per day dosage in morning, 3 to 5 days prior the competition. So, when you want increased muscle mass, size and strength, Omna can prove to be the right option. You can consult your doctor before taking Omnadren in order to be sure whether the steroid can be beneficial for your bodybuilding results or not. Always make sure that you take the compound properly for enjoying the best of results.


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