Masteron : Popular Steroid Of Choice

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Masteron gaining traction
Masteron (Drostanolone Propionate) is a very useful hormone to an AAS user! It as effective at suppressing oestrogen side effects, especially in the nipple areas and does so a relatively low doses, it is very good at drying out the water from under the skin for that hard look and it can be used effectively to assist in the removal of fat.

Drostanolone typically comes as a propionate or enanthate and both are equally effective, however I would give preference to the masteron propionate as its faster action is more useful when issues arise or when you just want to remove extra water beneath the skin. Enanthate is a good choice if money is tighter as generally the UGL prices of the two are very similar and the enanthate has allot more product for the same money.

Masteron dosage and timing
Masteron dosage and timing

Regardless of what product you use I would advise you inject at least three times a week, at times such like contest prep or times where you would want to look dryer and harder in your appearance then a more frequent injection regime may be used but the three days a week will suffice for general application.

Masteron dosage and timing

Effective dosing for controlling issues for periods such as a growth phase will start from 50mg for propionate and 75mg for enanthate three times a week. This sort of dose will be the starting point of effective at keeping nipple issues at bay and mild suppression of fluid beneath the skin up to (depending on hormones/drugs used in combination) modest doses, some who are less oestrogen sensitive may find this effective at highers doses but for the average person more will be needed as doses go beyond low to modest for this purpose. The main idea here when growing is only to use what is needed to keep things under control, heavier users or very sensitive people will find that combining this with Aromasin (Exemestane) in low doses to be very effective even at higher AAS use!

For Eliminating Water

Dosing for removing the water from under the skin will depend on what is being run with it, typically when combined with Trenbolone a very hard look (at lower body fat levels) can be obtained as both when used correctly are very effective at drying out skin. Trying to be too dry in the skin and grow can be counter productive and slow growth, even prevent it, so this is not advised. However say a hormone like Equipoise (Boldenone Undecylenate) or Androl (Oxybolone) can be combined when at lower body fat levels with a modest dose of Masteron to produce a very good look.

Again doses will vary from person to person, doses being used but an example for a lower dose user would 250-400mg of Masteron every week with a daily dose of 150mg of Androl would work well for most people at this level. Equipoise would naturally not give the same of volume as Androl in a combination like this but a 600-900mg with Masteron around 300mg with a little test again would produce a good look in someone who was lean again at a lower level.

For Burning Fat

Masteron when used for fat burning needs to be used at higher doses, it is not as effective as Trenbolone but it still can be used as a milder substitute for those people that struggle to use Trenbolone (or higher doses). Really 800mg every week and upwards along with a low amount of testosterone would be the foundation for using this for fat burning. Again more advanced/larger guys will be using other hormones/drugs in combination and this would be added with other AAS’s and various other hormones.

Masteron will always shine at lower body fat levels, as the body becomes leaner water beneath the skin will make more of an impact on your look and this is when Masteron is particularly useful. Masteron works well with Trenbolone as they compliment one another and it is advised that when a leaner/harder look is required that both are used in combination and other hormones/drugs should support their action (to improve the look). Whilst in a phase of growth Masteron and Trenbolone are used effectively together but the effective dosing regime will often involve them being the supplementary hormones in the stack, not the primary.

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