How Low Levels of Testosterone Affect Your Health?

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Low Testosterone and Your Health
Testosterone is the hormone found in human beings and in animals as well. Even the women’s ovaries make testosterone but in small amounts. The production of testosterone begins to increase during puberty and starts dipping after the age of 30 years. Testosterone production tapers off naturally as the man ages but some factors can also cause the hormone level to fall. Injury to testicles, radiation or chemotherapy can affect the testosterone production to great level. Chronic illnesses like kidney disease, liver cirrhosis, alcoholism, AIDS can reduce the production. Low levels of testosterone even leads to stress and depression.

Generally, low testosterone can be a sign of problem in the pituitary gland. The gland sends signal hormone to testicles to secrete more of natural testosterone. Thus low Testosterone can indicate that the gland is not functioning properly. Young teens having low levels of testosterone may be experiencing delayed phase of puberty.

Low testosterone problems 
Low Testosterone

Men having low testosterone levels report decrease in energy and extreme feeling of fatigue. In case you are tired of spending all time exercising, getting proper sleep and even hitting the gym without facing any benefits, you need to opt for some reliable and safe testosterone boosters. As testosterone plays an important role in building as well as strengthening the muscles, men having low testosterone may face reduction in strength and muscle mass. Even those who try reversing muscle loss with weight training may find it tough to build the muscles.

Apart from the problems mentioned above, there are some other maladies as well that can be faced due to low testosterone. They include:

  1. Reduced zeal for life and fatigue
  2. Reduced mental wellbeing and Alzheimer’s disease
  3. Bad mood, aggressive nature and depression
  4. Increased insulin resistance that makes it tough for the body to lose fat as the insulin level will rise in the body because of the cells not accepting the hormone effectively

In a research published in Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness in 2011, the researchers analysed resistance training effects on 10 men who got training just for recreational purposes. The participants completed 2 training protocols of varying intensity. Testosterone increased for both the protocols. An earlier study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise in 1993 also found that moderate as well as light intensity weight lifting causes similar rise in serum testosterone.

 Try Testosterone boosters

So, in case you find that your testosterone levels are low, you can surely give natural and safe testosterone boosters a try to check if they can help you out in restoring the T levels. You can further use these natural supplements along with stress reduction methods, proper bodybuilding regime and rest so as to enjoy the benefits. With increased levels of testosterone, you will even feel energetic and will want to work out in the gym for longer periods of time. This will add up to achieving your bodybuilding goals in no time. Always make sure that before taking any boosters, you consult with your doctor first and then use it for health benefits.

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