Increase Your Metabolism With These Tips

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A healthy metabolism is a key to a healthy physical and mental body. For bodybuilders especially it is very important to have a highly efficient metabolism as it plays a major role in muscle building. Many times people complain that they are not getting results from working out. If your body metabolism is not working properly then you will not be able to build muscles.

How to mend it? Solutions are many choose which suits you best. Here I will list some of the best tricks to increase your metabolism.

Start with muscle building

Start working towards your muscle building this will put your metabolism under stress forcing it to get more efficient. Muscle build up is metabolically controlled and body needs to burn the excess fat present in body which again benefits metabolism. Start weight training and your metabolism will kick in. Increase Your Metabolism

Start your day with proteins

You should start consuming a lot of proteins especially in your breakfast. If you are eating on diet like waffles, donuts, cereals and other carbohydrates for breakfast then you are killing your metabolism. All these foods increase blood sugar which is very bad for your metabolism. Switch to a healthier breakfast with lots of proteins like eggs, Greek yogurt and lean steak. You metabolism works a lot more efficiently when your body is high on proteins plus you tend to intake a lot less calories in the remaining day.


Higher body temperatures results into improved metabolism. There are many food items which have thermogenic effect meaning they heat up the body. Taurine, ephedrine and caffeine all these compounds are potent thermogenics you can use supplements rich in these to improve your metabolism.

However keep in mind there are side effects of overusing these supplements as well. Sometimes these compounds can over stimulate your adrenal glands which cause stress.


Our body is more than 60% water and needs it to stay functional and healthy all the time. For a healthy metabolism you need to keep your body hydrated all the time. Absence of water causes difficulty in absorbing nutrients from the food. If you are working out then increase water intake in your body by 2 to 3 liters. Cut the consumption of beverages like alcohol, coffee and tea all these are dehydrating agents.

Add fiber to your diet

Have you ever thought why whole grain product advertisements always endorse that they are high on fiber? It is because fiber has multiple benefits on the body metabolism. First of all it helps is easy assimilation of nutrients from the food. It keeps you feeling full all the time so that you do not snack much which prevents fat accumulation in the body. Your metabolism is benefitted a lot with the intake of fibers. Just make it a point to add at least 25 grams of fiber to your daily diet.

Make all these corrections in your daily life and you will find your metabolism boosted like never before.


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