IFBB Pro Female Bodybuilder Amber Defrancesco

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IFBB Pro Female Bodybuilder Amber Defrancesco

Among the well known female body builders who have successfully competed in championships is Amber Defrancesco. Having participated in many NPC National Body Building, Figure and Bikini Championships from 2007 to 2012 and always emerged among the top, she is arguably the most remarkable woman in body building. At number 26 on the IFBB list, her achievements in bodybuilding are a legacy. She is a manager for a general nutrition center, and that reiterates her commitment to health and fitness. Here is the information you did not know about her and more light on her career as revealed by her in interviews.

Amber Defrancesco Background

Amber Defrancesco
Amber Defrancesco Pro Bodybuilder

She is 5.6 feet tall and weighs about 175lbs as she explained in a 2008 interview with GeneX Magazine. She lives in West Mifflin, PA. When off season she weighs about 150lbs. She had a normal childhood though filled with many activities that shaped her future career. She participated in tap dancing, gymnastic, and ballet at age three which she dropped at age six and was an active athlete in school. Amber participated in 100meters and 400 meters races, javelin, shot put, discus, and cheering. She says that she cheered for nine years in school revealing her passion for it.


She is married to the man whom she refers to as her trainer and best friend. His support for her has been what keeps her going. She was motivated to participate in figure contests by her husband whom they met after college when she started training on her own. She enjoys a happy marriage to the man she feels has been her driving force in her career.

Interest In Body Building

Amber Defrancesco developed an interest in health and fitness early and had her first gym membership at age 15. She however always stuck to aerobics at first as she was embarrassed to lift. When she got to college, she had to weight train because of cheerleading. This situation served to start her off on the journey she has never regretted. The lifting was slowly getting into her. After college, she began training on her own. This point was where her career took a turning towards professional body building. It all happened when she met the man who is now her husband who encouraged her to join figure contests. At first, she thought it was impossible but with time became addicted to it and that is how she is among the most respected women in International Federation of Body Building.


She enjoys watching movies and revealed that John Travolta was her favorite actor. She also watches college football and strongmen contests. Olympics are also her favorite. Her world is however centered on training as revealed by what she said she had in the back of her car: gym bag, a gallon of water, tennis shoes and sandals. This lifestyle shows her dedication to keeping herself fit and her addiction to keep doing what she loves. She wakes up every morning to train and keep fit. Training to her is more than just keeping fit; it is about maintaining health.

Amber Defrancesco Downtimes

Her challenging times include the time she participated in NCP national bodybuilding, figure, and bikini championship and failed to emerge the best as she had done severally before. She deals with her low moments by training. She is proud of her husband who always supports her in every way possible and is there when she needs him. Amber is a cheerful woman, and that is just what she advocates for in keeping her emotional health good. She believes firmly that good health is the key to a happy life.

Feelings About Herself

Of all her body parts she is most impressed with her legs. She loves her legs because how they have responded to training. Dedication has kept her in the game because sports require just that. She enjoys performing. She says body building is her life and cannot imagine how she could do without it. The passion for keeping doing what she loves is what defines her. Beyond her public life, her private life is also guided by dedication. Waking up every day to train has become her routine ever since. She is happy with whom she has grown into because it has taken effort and sacrifice.

Milestones In Her Career

She has achieved a lot in her career, especially in the NCP National bodybuilding contests. In 2007 NPC Pittsburgh Bodybuilding, Fitness And Figure Contest she emerged the best a position she retained in the 2008 NPC Junior National Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships. She was the second in a similar championship in 2009 but improved to the first position in 2012. She participated in IFBB Europa Battle of Champions Hartford in 2012 and emerged 6th place. Amber is currently 26th on the top 100 IFBB list. These milestones have defined her walk of fame.

Future Plans

Her goal is to achieve the IFBB pro card. She wants to get to the best version of herself, stretching beyond the limits. As a manager for general nutrition center, she focuses on inspiring health and fitness among women. She looks at the future as an opportunity she will use to motivate millions of women to keep fit. Especially in the current times when sedentary lifestyle and consumption of junk food is at an all-time high, she hopes to change the trend by encouraging healthy living. Amber is training as she prepares to participate in more events. She reveals that her lifestyle is a legacy she will leave back.Amber Defrancesco is more than just that name you know and enjoys watching; Amber is a wife, a friend, a manager and many more things that she revealed.

She loves to keep her life private, and only pictures of her posing are present on social media and sites. This insight into her life shows just how determined she is in not only achieving the best version of her but also health and fitness for herself and other people she interacts with in her life. The focus on body building is her way of showing the world that anything is possible. Her musculature and appearance that beats most of the men is a brave move for a society that reserves that for men. She is a woman of strong will.

Amber Defrancesco IFBB
Amber Defrancesco IFBB Pro

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