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Triptorelin – The Inside Scoop
Triptorelin has been on my radar for some time now. I have posted inquiries about it’s effectiveness in forum threads and read profiles and articles for months now. I’ve learned some but to my confusion I really never could get the specifics I was seeking. I now understand why…there is research still required. I have, however, gotten much deeper into Triptorelin research and am now ready to share what I have learned. Oh, I also will be actually using it for PCT in a few months. Here goes:

ASIH-Suppression- Triptorelin Post Cycle Symptoms

As we all know anabolic steroid administration causes suppression of natural LH & FSH production. The suppression causes testicular atrophy (reduction in testicular size and density) and lowering of sperm count. The relationship between our, for lack of a better term, brains and our balls is referred to as hypothalamic pituitary testicular axis (HPTA). Ultimately when LH and FSH secretions are suppressed this means we are in HPTA shutdown. (1)

GnRH aka: Triptorelin
GnRH aka: Triptorelin

PCT Effects And Method Of Recovery

When anabolic / androgenic steroid (AAS) is stopped or cycle ends our HPTA’s can, in theory, recover. However, the speed and ease with which that recovery occurs is dependent on several variables (age, cycle length, overall health, basic body chemistry). Once exogenous testosterone (or other steroid) administration stops and considering your HPTA is shutdown therefore not producing testosterone yet, it stands to reason our testosterone levels will plummet. This equates to a “perfect storm” and you are not 100%, to say the least.

So your hormonally off balanced and then you get hit with anabolic steroid induced hypogonadism (ASIH). Now this condition really sux to say the least. Symptoms include: depression, anxiety, lethargy, and decreased libido…like I said, it really sux! ASIH is a secondary hypogonadism which means it’s a side effect of AAS use and can be treated with ancillary’s. For the record primary hypogonadism is a medical condition where in the testes are insensitive to LH…this cannot be reversed it can only be treated via HRT or other testosterone elevating therapies. (1)

Sorry, got off track for a second. AAS users have a surprising number of PCT drugs to choose from not to mention theories as to dosage and length of treatment. We have SERM’s, AI’s, LH analogues and testosterone boosters….I could easily go on about these meds and treatments, theories about when to begin and end a post cycle, and if this was a simple PCT article I would go there…(but it’s a focus on Triptorelin so I’ll get on with it).

GnRH-Triptorelin – Is it as good as it sounds

If you are a veteran AAS user you understand a basic PCT and it more than likely (depending on how”old-school” you are) has Clomid, Nolvadex, maybe hCG (on cycle or as a PCT frontload). Bottom line-the majority of PCT’s look about the same and run approximately the same length of time (4-6 weeks). Here is why I rambled about PCT’s and ancillary’s…Triptorelin, if it turns out to be the “one and done wonder drug,” some literature and documentation claims it to be then how wonderful! No more post cycle recovery taking a month and countless pills. THIS IS WHY I THINK SO MANY PEOPLE ARE SKEPTICAL AND AVOID DISCUSSING IT…SEEMS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!


GnRH (gonadatropin releasing hormone) aka: Triptorelin, is sold in 100mcg doses which will need reconstituting with BAC water (actually sterile water is ok since we won’t be storing it once reconstituted). Generally Triptorelin is available for approximately $30 per 100mcg and can be found in stock at most Peptide / Research Chemical Suppliers. Naturally Triptorelin works using LH & FSH “priming” or “jumpstarting” the HPTA. If you are anything like me then Triptorelin’s foreign to you, I mean, you may have some knowledge about it but it’s not the most discussed compound out there. So how does it work?

Let’s look at what we know…LH & FSH are secreted by the pituitary gland correct? Because of exogenous steroid use our pituitary is not receiving the signal to secrete LH & FSH, right? Now, remember GnRH and Triptorelin are the same…GnRH is naturally released via the hypothalamic to tell the pituitary gland it’s LH/FSH time. GnRH is actually secreted in short bursts or pulses every 60-90 minutes. (1)

Exogenous Triptorelin

The next issue to address is how to best replicate the natural “pulse” when administering exogenous Triptorelin?  Considering natural GnRH secretes on a relatively consistent pulse rate, then Triptorelin is administered in a pulse type regiment. If not administered in a “pulse like” pattern it will suppress LH /FSH secretion rather than stimulate it. That is the reason for 100 mcg pulse doses.

If using Triptorelin for PCT: start not with Trip but on cycle with hCG. Start hCG week 3 of AAS cycle, 250iu 3-4X week until time to start Triptorelin. When half lives are up and esters are used up (just as if you were starting a standard PCT) then administer 100mcg of Triptorelin. In 2 weeks get blood work done. Then bloods taken again @ 1 month. Some research has lead me to believe use no more than 100mcg per month and no more than 1mg per  year. (3)  I want to emphasize the potency of GnRH…4mg per months for 3-4 months will spike testosterone serum levels so high that it actually is a form of “chemical castration!” YIKES!!!


According to Monica Molliea of Triptorelin first caught the medical research communities eyes in response to a case study called “Triptorelin Test.” A 34 year old bodybuilder who had used anabolic steroids since the age of 21. He was suffering from ASIH, no energy, depression. His baseline testosterone level was 170 ng/dL! Ten days after pulsing with a 100mcg IM injection he reported a dramatic increase in energy. He was sent to the lab and tested. In 10 days his baseline testosterone level lept from 170 ng/dL to, wait for it…..700 ng/dL! Fast forward one month, reports from Mr. Case Study are that energy levels were still high and sex drive had steadily increased!

(2) A follow up study confirmed the Triptorelin Test and also concluded using Triptorelin for post cycle therapy not only was effective for HPTA recovery but it eliminated the risk that SERM’s and AI’s presented of a negative feedback loop most notably estrogen rebound.


I will use Triptorelin in a few weeks for PCT, I will write a follow up article once I complete approximately 4 weeks and get my blood work complete.


Triptorelin is a synthetic analogue of gonadorelin (GnRH). By decreasing the pituitary secretion of LH & FSH, Triptorelin causes via this action, a raise in testosterone levels through pituitary gland stimulation. Trip is a GnRH agonist and sells online through most peptide and research chemical suppliers for around $30.00 for a single 100mcg dose.



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