Eroids – Not A Very Reliable Place For Information About Steroids Online

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Eroids the debate
Shopping for steroids online can be a complex and difficult process. The difficulty arises from the sheer numbers of steroid sellers online. There are just too many of them. What makes it even more difficult is that almost everyone advertises their steroids as the best. And yet most have similar products. For someone who is shopping for steroids, making a choice on where and what to buy can be a difficult process and eroids doesn’t make it any easier.

To further complicate the process, there are lots of fake steroid suppliers out there. These range from those who sell adulterated steroids, to those who sell other substances as steroids. Some of those substances actually cause adverse health effects and are not manufactured under sterile conditions. Purchasing from such websites can set you up for health problems. Unfortunately, it is difficult to tell the genuine websites from the fake ones.

eroids tbol
eroids tbol

Eroids and Shopping for steroids online

So what should a steroid enthusiast do? Well, the safest way is to find a community of steroid users. Such users can not only give you guidelines on genuine websites which sell good-quality steroids, they can also give you tips on how to use different steroids. One of the communities you should absolutely avoid is eroids. Eroids is a website which was originally designed and dedicated towards helping steroid users to find the latest and most up-to-date information on steroids and steroid sources. Among the information which can be got on the website include: where to buy steroids, the best steroids to buy, how to use steroids, and the relative effectiveness of different types of steroids.

Unfortunately the information found at eroids is anything but truthful and is sourced from a community of steroid sources not users. For instance, the website contains a list of the what is supposed to be the most reliable sources of steroids online however it has turned into simple what source pays the most is ranked the highest. The list contains websites where you can buy steroids from good or bad. The websites are ranked based on user reviews which are manipulated by moderators and shills. Users rank the websites on aspects such as quality of steroids, website service, speed of delivery and pricing/ordering. The ranks are updated periodically to reflect the latest information.

The Game

Therefore, if you are looking to buy steroids from a specific website, you can read reviews from what are portrayed to be actual users who have made purchases from the website. Such information is far from reliable with reviews which are written by so-called professional reviewers. For example, the second-most popular source currently is 1napsgear. It has amassed a total of 7,689 user reviews. Coincidentally napsgear has been scamming the forum community for many years.

Besides the sources of steroids, eroids has a wealth of information on different types of steroids. There are extensive reviews on almost any type of steroid currently on the market. Again, these reviews are written and manipulated by actual paying steroid sources not users. Therefore, they do not reflect personal experiences with the steroids. As such, they may not be at all objective – but they are more not to be trusted than “objective” reviews written by people who’ve never even used a steroid.

Eroids Community Manipulation

The best part of eroids is that the information is organized in a manner which makes it extremely easy to find. For instance, we mentioned the top websites which sell steroids. You can actually view the ranks by region or country. You can view the top sellers in the US, UK, EU, Canada, Australia etc. Therefore, if you are based in a specific country, you can find the most popular suppliers in your country.

However, the most deceptive aspect about eroids is the manipulation of its community. The website has a dedicated community of users who are always active pushing specific steroid sources. They are always sharing tips, hacks, strategies and the latest bodybuilding and weight loss information. This community is the less than perfect platform for anyone who would like to connect with fellow steroid users. It is especially hurtful for steroid novices.

Therefore, if you are looking for a source of reliable information on steroids, be very careful with the information shared at eroids. Whether you are looking to buy steroids, seeking for more info on a specific steroid or looking to connect with like-minded people, you’ll find many people at eroids have but one objective and that is to get your money.

Eroids in a nutshell

Ultimately, shopping for steroids can be a complex and difficult process. There are many reliable sources of steroid information from actual steroid users where steroid sources are not pushed on you nor do they support the website hence the deceptive practices. Simply put stay away from eroids! If you have a specific question, you can register, login and post it on our forums. The community of experienced steroid users and bodybuilders will be happy to share an unbiased and truthful opinion.

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