Design Your Best Workout Plan

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The Best Workout Plan

Getting started with an active workout plan is a common thing. We all are motivated by so called bodybuilding gurus we watch on TV screens and keeping them in mind for our best workout plan. But have you ever wondered, all that glorified masculinity or slim body that we see on the screens are real or reel. You better know the answer and that is why experts always recommend planning a workout which is best suited for YOU.

With you it means according to your body, your health condition, kind of lifestyle you live in and level of commitment you are willing to put in. According to John Higgins, MD at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston, “Many Americans are overweight and most don’t exercise regularly. Both of these contribute to cardiovascular disease, the number one killer in the world.”

Best Workout Plan
Best Workout Plan

You should start working out only after a better plan in mind and for this we can help you. Here we will be offering you a complete guide on how you can have a healthy body with consistent workout.

Start with something you prefer

It is very important that you enjoy your workout and be consistent in it. After a workout ask yourself whether you enjoyed it or not. If the answer is not affirmative then you should explore some new options. There are hundreds of workout plans out there and you definitely will find the one which you will enjoy following.

Personality traits

We all are different so our approach towards workout differs as well. If you are someone like me who is a loner at heart and likes to workout in solitude then hiking, walking, biking or a home gym are the best options. For mental fitness Pilates, yoga and tai-chi are best options. Otherwise if you are people lover then there is no shortage of options, you can try everything from dance classes to aerobics.

Gym is for you

As per Dr. Higgins, “All these exercises are available at most gyms, so I would recommend joining. Not only are you more likely to go to the gym because you’re paying, but it’s easier to work out and get motivated with others around. In addition, personal trainers can assist you and format an exercise program to meet your needs and goals.”

Therefore if you can afford then you should go for a personal trainer or a gym membership to keep yourself going.

Free exercises

There are a whole lot of exercises which can benefit you in the long run and they need no gym. Just hit the floor and do few pushups, put on your athletic shoes and go for a brisk walk or run for best cardio workout. You can easily devise a workout plan based out of your home.

Your fitness goals

This is the most important thing for you to keep in mind. Everyone has a different goal from workout and you should clearly identify yours. For someone already in good health and shape, a workout plan can include a lot of activities. However if you are a beginner then it is necessary that you start slow and involve basic workouts.

At last but not least remember that the best workout plan is the one which is accessible, repeatable and most importantly realistic.

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