Brigita Brezovac IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Profile

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Brigita Brezovac Overview
Brigita Brezovac was born in Ptuj, Slovenia on 24th September 1979, which makes her just shy of 36 yrs. She is a retired professional bodybuilder and fitness athlete who has enjoyed over 10 successful years of dominating the arena.

At the time of her retirement in 2013, Brigit Brezovac was placed 5th in the then IFBB Pro Women’s Bodybuilding Ranking List.

Physically, Brigita stands 5″7.4′ ( 175m) tall and maintained a contest weight of 65kg ( 143lbs) when she was in active bodybuilding. Currently, she weighs just over 70kg ( 154lbs).

After her retirement, Brigita who can speak four languages fluently ( German, English, Croatian and Serbian ), has been actively involved in personal coaching and being a fitness trainer to many upcoming athletes.

Brigita Brezovac Childhood and Early Life Background

Brigita Brezovac was raised in Ljutomer, Slovenia where she attended her first classes at The SETUAS school in Murska Sobota.

She started expressing interest in athletics at an early age of 14 when her then-boyfriend introduced her to karate and lifting weights. She recalls that her inspiration sparked for the first time when she saw the photos of legendary bodybuilders Anja Langer and Cory Everson in her boyfriend’s small gym in 1993. This was also when she decided that she wanted to be a fitness athlete in the future.

Before venturing into full-time bodybuilding, all through her late teens and early twenties, Brigita Brezovac was mostly actively involved in Karate and Taekwondo. She once revealed in an interview, that this could have also been the reason she was considered a tomboy while growing up.

Professional Career and Championships

It was not until 2001 that Brigita Brezovac first participated in that year’s World Fitness Championships. During that tournament, Brigita emerged 4th in place in the Miss Bodybuilding category. It is also documented that at the same time, she sustained an injury that would see her turn over a new leaf and compete in the Miss Fitness category.

Failing to clinch top position in her debut tournament in 2001, didn’t dampen her spirits. She went ahead and participated in 2004’s World Championships but this time in the fitness category.

Nonetheless, the fitness judges from the 2004 World Championships didn’t seem to agree with her choice of class, they cited that her physique didn’t match the fitness category requirements. She was later disqualified but was then advised to compete in the women’s bodybuilding category. Amid these controversies, Brigita Brezovac cemented her dominance by claiming that year’s top position in that category.

Following these adjustments, it also meant that she had to readjust her training regimen to fit the bodybuilding class. The tempo she had picked up by being ranked as world’s number one in 2004 saw her compete in 2005’s Grand Prix Trofeo Athenas Venezia Bodybuilding championships where she was once again ranked 1st.

The last meeting that Brigita Brezovac participated as an amature bodybuilder was in the 2009’s World Women’s Championship where she competed in the heavyweight class. She was awarded the second best overall position and earned her IFBB pro card the same year in December.

Professional Career

Having a pro card meant that she could now compete as a professional bodybuilder, a feat which she later accomplished in the 2010’s spring IFBB Tampa Pro championships. Being her pro-debut year, Brigita Brezovac was keen to scoop 1st position and join the ranks of world-class athletes.

To solidify her pro debut win, she again participated in the same year’s IFBB Europa Battle of Champions where she proved her mettle by being placed 1st position again.

Following her two consecutive back-to-back wins in 2010, Brigita Brezovac qualified for her first Miss Olympia Championship in 2011. However, things didn’t augur well for her this time, as she was placed at a distant 10th position by the judges in Las Vegas, Nevada USA.

Nevertheless, she rose to dominance once again in the same year’s IFBB Toronto Pro Super Show which marked one of her greatest wins in her long and rich bodybuilding career.

In 2013, Brigita Brezovac retired from active competitions.

Personal life & Relationships

Brigita Brezovac got married in 2010 to one Zmago Karner who she had been dating since 2000. Besides that, Brigita has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Maribor, Slovenia.

Apart from her numerous bodybuilding titles, Brigita also has a Black Belt in the Chinese Martial Arts of Karate, which she was awarded in 2007 after more than 8 years of training. She has also competed in a variety of Taekwondo and boxing (up-to-55kg) championships.

Brigita Brezovac confesses to enjoying reading, modelling and shopping when she is not weight training.

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