Bodybuilding Stereotypes You Must Know

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Different bodybuilding stereotypes

Bodybuilder, does this word rings any bell with you? What you came up first Arnold, supplements, muscle freak or insanely bulky? Well it is not you to be blamed but the stereotypes in the bodybuilding world hold this kind of reputation. But now the norms are changing and so are the ways the bodybuilders were perceived by the people previously.

As commonly interpreted bodybuilder not always refers to someone who is bulking up tones of muscles injection steroids on steroids and burning it in heavy lifts. Reality is whether you are working out for gaining a few pounds or trying to lose weight to get that lean body mass you are also a bodybuilder. It is no surprise but what the reality is. If you are considering bodybuilding and worried about the stereotypes then we have a complete guide for you here.

Ideal Bodybuilder

An ideal bodybuilder is the one who is working towards the development of his/her body with the aim of benefiting his complete personality. The so called stereotypes just pay attention on building muscles without weighing all the factors of body development. This is very wrong approach. Ideal body builders are not stupid as commonly perceived they are smart and savvy muscle building geeks.

“An ideal bodybuilder not only looks healthy but also looks healthy.”

bodybuilding stereotypes
Bodybuilding Stereotypes

Most of the modern lifters fall in this group and you need to show respect towards them. They are not bullies who take up your personal space or just have only bodybuilding on their mind. The modern ideal bodybuilders are sophisticated muscle building technocrats.

Dangerous Bodybuilders

Now that’s said most are ideal bodybuilders but not all of them. There are some dangerous bodybuilders as well who we come across. What they want is to talk about bodybuilding 24×7. They are so much obsessed with bodybuilding that you will seldom find them without carrying their protein shakes. These kinds of bodybuilders are obnoxious but you will not find that overbearing as they still have space for other talks.

Problem with these bodybuilders is that they give workout and their muscles preference than anything else in their life. This makes them socially impaired and most people find it hard to get along with them.

Ugly Bodybuilders

You can call them straight the worst bodybuilders in the community. They will flaunt each and every attire which will make you sick like hell. For instance using “bro” in every time they speak, 2 bandanas are a must for them, wearing 80’s Zubaz shorts is a religious for them. They are not actually in a fitness centre for bodybuilding but just for flaunting what they have got.

They spend terribly short time working out and will spent hours and hours speaking about it. You will always find them suggesting you that you should workout and other similar stuff. Our advice is to keep away from such guys to save your precious workout time.

Now you know which guy in your gym to avoid and who to consult for anything, isn’t it!


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