Avoiding Different Types Of Shoulder Injuries

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Avoiding Should Injury
Shoulder injuries are most common among gym goers and there are many different types of shoulder injuries. If you are working out then your body is giving you any kinds of warning signs then it is better you take notice. If you are going to gym then I insist you have a look the following causes of injuries. This will help you to avoid an injury with can leave you bed ridden.

Reasons can be many for shoulder injuries most of which include:

  • Poor and improper exercise postures
  • Wrong selection of exercises
  • Overusing or overtraining
  • Wrong fitness regime

Start right avoiding all the above mistakes from the beginning. Have a look at the details of what most common reasons for shoulder injuries can be.

Pull and Push Equally

Types Of Shoulder Injuries
Types Of Shoulder Injuries

When you are doing weight lifts then you should make sure you balance the weight evenly. Mostly gym goers come with building chest and shoulders as their preference and other portions as second preference. If you are not balancing the weight you are lifting around shoulder girdle then you are most prone to shoulder injuries. When doing pushes make sure you are lifting and dropping both your hands equally.

Proper Bench Pressing

Bodybuilders often throw their hands way off the shoulders when doing bench presses so as to maximize the chest building profits. This is one of the most stupid things to do. Do not go for bench presses with the approach. Instead we recommend you to tuck in your elbow and then pull and push weight this posture brings your shoulders in the safest position.

Exercises to Avoid

There are some exercises which can cause shoulder injuries when done improperly but there are also some which can worsen your shoulder injury even when you do them right. If you are suffering from shoulder injury of any kind then avoid these exercises.

These exercises include:

  • Dips
  • Behind the neck pull ups
  • Overhead presses
  • Upright Rows

Avoid all these exercises till your shoulders recover completely from an injury.

Neutral Grip

Sometimes we experience shoulder pain when doing underhand pull up or lat pull down. if you have this problem as well then I recommend you to focus on neutral or parallel grip. In this type of grip in which your palms face each other is best for shoulders.

If you are facing problem with any other kind of grip then switch to neutral grip it is simply the best.

Warm Up, Rest and Start Small

yes, I know you are in a hurry and want to go all sumo in an overnight. But sorry to burst your bubble, do not force your shoulders to pay for your insanity. It is very important that you first start with warming up your shoulders before starting intensive workouts. Also it is best to keep your schedule small and short. You can start your workout week with chest and triceps exercises then take a day off and continue with leg exercises third day following with back and biceps workout day and taking off for weekends. This kind of schedule is very relaxing yet varied enough for a powerful muscle building goal.

I think all this will help you keep shoulder injuries at bay easily.

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