Are Steroids Illegal and where?

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Are Steroids Illegal In Your Country
Steroids are a type of drug used to treat multiple conditions that cause your body’s defense system to malfunction. They mimic the natural hormones that control how the body develops and works. The two commonly known steroid types are anabolic and corticosteroids. Doctors may sometimes use them to help gain control of inflammation in the body. They even help with controlling lupus or asthma. In these ways, steroids may look like a great drug for health reasons, but they are also often misused.

Athletes use them to help stay stronger for longer periods of times. Steroid drugs are used to promote skeletal muscle growth, and they are used by both women and men to help promote male sexual characteristics. Steroids have also been known to cause tissue damage in some cases. Steroidal use can be deemed as both good and bad, and is illegal in some countries.

are steroids illegal
are steroids illegal

Are Steroids Illegal in the U.S.?

There really is no such thing as legal steroids.’ According to the Controlled Substances Acts on 1990 and 2004, it is illegal to make, possess or sell anabolic steroids in the United States unless a licensed pharmacy is doing the manufacturing. If the steroid is prescribed by a doctor to be used for medical reasons it is legal. The person using the steroid must use it based on the prescription they have been given for medical reasons. When an athlete uses steroids to help with boosting their performance, they are using them illegally. Steroids used by women that have low testosterone or irregular hormones are legal. There may be certain levels of hormone deficiency that qualify for the legal use of steroids.

In order to actually use steroids in the U.S., a prescription is needed from a licensed physician. The reason for the steroid has to be deemed suitable according to the law. Many people needing steroids are using them to treat unbalanced hormones. The best person to visit would be a hormone specialist. They are well versed in this area and only focus on hormonal deficiencies. Using them in this way, is legal.

Are Steroids Illegal Outside of the U.S.?

In countries like the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Portugal Argentina and Australia, anabolic steroids can be purchased and used or possessed as long as a pharmacy writes the prescription to treat a medical need. The possession laws in Canada are a little more lenient than they are in the U.S. In the United Kingdom, there are no possession laws. In fact, a prescription is not needed in the U.K., but the purchase has to be made from a pharmacy. Since Mexico is close to the U.S. in proximity, a U.S. citizen can go to Mexico and buy steroids legally, but they cannot be legally brought back to the U.S.

It is also legal to sell steroids in Mexico and the other countries where they are legal. India, Pakistan and Israel may frown upon the sale of steroids, but there is no serious legal action for the buyer to worry about. Russia and Ukraine also allow the sale of steroids without posing any serious infractions. It is legal to purchase steroids anywhere, as long as it is within the laws of that state or country. In the U.S. it is legal to purchase steroids with a prescription; whereas in other countries they are easy to purchase, and no law against them exist.

Why Are Steroids Illegal in Some Places, But Not in Others?

The main reason steroids are illegal is that they are commonly misused and abused. When used incorrectly, steroids can cause physical and emotional damage. They also have side effects that can be hazardous to one’s health. Steroids can cause male breast tissue development, high blood pressure, liver tumor, heart disease, and loss of fertility and menstrual cycles in women. The legal reasons for steroids are to help with medical problems, but only at a doctor’s discretion. It is not wise (or legal) to purchase steroids from someone other than a doctor.

Steroids are considered a control substance and hold as harsh a sentence as street drugs. Steroids bought on the streets could contain other substances that may harm the user. They may even be addicting, which cause the user to take them regardless of any physical problems. Because many people are not educated on steroids, they misuse them. This is why in many cases, they can only be obtained legally from a pharmacy.

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  1. bigrobbie says:

    I am speechless. Ok, I agree with the point that steroids are legal some places and not others…Im afraid that is where our agreement ends.

    Yes steroids can (with excessive use) result in health issues, but addictive? Bro…mentally I do think there is a propensity for psychological dependency…but you project AAS as though if you use them you will be selling your manhood for dbol money!

    Do you have any thing more constructive to say about steroids? If so please share…positive education is more constructive.


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