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About Anadrol 50:
Anadrol 50 is an anabolic and androgenic drug, comprised of the steroid Oxymetholone. As a synthetic derivative of testosterone, you may be prescribed Anadrol-50 to treat Anemia. Specific types of Anemia, like Aplastic Anemia and Congenital Aplastic Anemia respond to treatment with Anadrol-50. Patients with Myelofibrosis are also often prescribed Anadrol-50, as well as patients who have Hypoplastic Anemia as a result of a prior use of myelotoxic drugs. Anadrol-50 is considered to be a controlled substance.

Anadrol-50 works by increasing the production of a chemical in your bodycalled erythropoietin, which leads to an increase in the production of your red blood cells.
Children should not be given Anadrol-50, as this medication can greatly affect their growth rate and development.

anadrol 50
anadrol 50

Brand Name: Anadrol 50 (Alaven Pharmaceutical)

Generic Name: Oxymetholone
Only use the dose of Anadrol-50 that your doctor has prescribed, and do not use it for longer than your healthcare practitioner has recommended you to. Be sure to follow all of the instructions on your prescription to use Anadrol-50 safely. Your doctor or pharmacist can answer any questions you may have about your individual risks, and benefits, for using Anadrol-50.
Anadrol-50 is in FDA pregnancy category X. It is known that Anadrol-50 can be harmful to an unborn baby. You should tell your doctor if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant before using Anadrol 50. Do not useAnadrol-50 if you are breast-feeding as we do not know if Anadrol-50 passes into breast milk.

Before You Take Anadrol 50:

You should not take Anadrol-50 if you are allergic to Oxymetholone.
If you have diabetes you may not be able take Anadrol-50. Talk to your doctor before taking Anadrol-50 if you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes.
You should talk to your doctor before taking Anadrol-50 if you have heart problems.
If you have an enlarged prostate tell your doctor before beginning treatment with Anadrol-50.
If you havehigh blood calcium levels you should talk to your doctor before taking Anadrol-50.
Tell your doctor if you have kidney disease or liver disease, as you may not be a candidate to take Anadrol-50.

(also known as: A50, A-bombs, Anapolon, Anapolone, Oxybolone, & Hemogenin)

Anadrol is a synthetic anabolic steroid which was first developed in the early 1960’s and is used clinically in the treatment of patients suffering from diseases where weight loss is a concern (particularly in treating HIV wasting) as well as in the treatment of osteoporosis, anemia, and the development of muscles in the underdeveloped or malnourished.  This latter effect is of interest to the body building community because it is caused by greatly improving protein synthesis, ergo accelerating the development of muscle mass.  Anadrol is considered to have the strongest anabolic effect of all orally administered steroids currently available.anadrol

Anadrol is a DHT-derived compound which promotes an increased appetite, weight gain, and the body’s red blood cell count.  For body builders Anadrol is often used to begin a cycle and it is recommended that the drug only be used for four week (with the most dramatic effects (a pound a day) found in the first two to three), but up to six weeks is not unheard of.  A first time user can expect between 20 and 30 bulk pounds in just six weeks.  In clinical studies involving HIV wasting it was found that weight gain peaked at 20 weeks although such long term use is not advisable due to the toxic effects the drug can have on the liver.  Anadrol also has a very low Relative Binding Affinity with the androgen receptor meaning it does not compete with other steroids for access to the receptor and is thus a potent addition for bulking programs.

Body builders can expect to see strength gains equal to the amount of Anadrol they ingest between 50 mgs to 100 mgs a day.  Beyond that the gains are not as great and the appearance of side effects increase.  Such gains may be masked by increased water retention which can result in a smoother appearance.  While this may be undesirable it provides additional protection to connective tissue and fuller muscle tissue which can contract better.  Women are not advised to take Anadrol due to its potency.

Andarol Side Effects

Side effects, although often overstated, can include increased estrogen levels, body hair growth, acne, oily skin, headaches, testosterone suppression, male pattern hair loss, liver damage.  Women may experience a deepening in their voice, body and facial hair growth, menstrual irregularities, and clitoris enlargement.  Most of these side effects are generally only seen when taking high doses of the drug and many others can be negated with the use of other drugs. Those taking dosages of 100mgs a day or less are unlikely to see any of these side effects.  Some studies suggest that long term use may cause liver cancer, thus periodic liver function tests are recommended.  Cessation of the drug should alleviate most effects after one to four months and rapid weight loss should be expected as water retention levels return to normal.

Anadrol, in order of price from cheapest to most expensive, comes in the form of liquids, tablets, capsules and paper.  Each unit is generally 50 mgs and should be taken on an empty stomach.  Real tablets should be an off white to yellowish colour.  Be wary of pure white tablets as these may be fakes.  Company letters on tablets should touch, if they do no this is another warning sign.  Korean Anadrol is ill advised as there are many fakes on the market.


  • [17β-hydroxy-2-hydroxymethylidene-17α-methyl-3-androstanone]
  • Molecular Formula: C21H32O3 
  • Molecular Weight: 332.48 g/mol
  • Melting Point: 178-180 °C
  • Effective Dose: 50-100 mgs per day
  • Active Life: 16 hours
  • Detection Time: up to 8 weeks
  • Androgenic/Anabolic Ratio: 45:320
  • Trade Name: Anadrol, Anapolon


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