Anabolic Steroid use and depression

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AAS use and depression
I think sometimes how wise I am. People post steroid use questions on the discussion forums and others and myself wisely instruct them on the “do’s and don’t” of AAS use!

I do consider myself an old hand at cycle (both current and post) advice. Myself and many others share and teach and enlighten the “newbies'” on testosterone doses, cycle stacks, mass building chemicals, fat loss aids, blah, blah, blah!

I write somewhat sarcastically as you can decipher I’m certain…I think we as a steroid discussion community are partially failing many “newbies” in a serious way. Yes we give educated, well reasoned cycle instructions…we fall short however when enlightening these “newbies” on the dire importance of Post cycle therapy! I don’t mean 4 weeks of Nolvadex @ 20, 20, 20, 20 with a short tutorial on the ways hcg can be used! I’m talking about painting a picture of just how rough off cycle can be!

steroids and depression
steroids and depression

So let’s go hypothetical for a second. Neddy Newbie wants bigger guns in hopes he can look tougher or bang some outta league wannabe model, actress, bank teller or something  or he just wants to get huge…who cares! Anywho…Ned posts how to stack 6 different anabolics and then asks what to do for PCT! Typical newbie assbag, right? We want to flame his ass, but we can’t. We are now in a position to educate this DA!

1) ask stats
2) ask goals
3) advise on proper cycle techniques
4) then you must explain PCT and its extreme relevance

Newbie has to know he’s not just using chemistry to add mass (and maybe some lost ego) he’s adopting a lifestyle that doesn’t end with his cycle!

PCT doesn’t always fix your brain

Any ass can look online and come up with a cycle. Even a PCT is a Google away…

Be prepared forum vets…eventually you will see these people on your forum asking for help. I ask you advisors this- when educating give 20% cycle advice and 80% PCT discussion. It’s sad but PCT advice with any depth is almost never vocalized and that’s tragic! Not recovering from HPTA shutdown as well as estrogen rebound can be physically harmful and mentally even more disastrous!

Gland suppression effects more than you think

We all know about pituitary shutdown (the hypothalamic stops pulsing the pituitary signals to secrete LH and FSH) this of course leads to testicular atrophy and no natty test production and low sperm count. However more functionality in our brains is suppressed via this glandular dormancy. Our pituitary and hypothalamic glands control more than sex hormone assembly (if you will) they also regulate certain neurotransmitter functions-one of which controls stress levels and adaptation to stressful stimulus. When the glands are not functioning as intended due to anabolic shutdown stress levels spike (hence cortisol elevation) leading to anxiety and ultimately Chronic Depression in many cases!

Chronic Depression is quite serious with symptoms ranging, but not limited to: Lack of energy and interest, social avoidance, self doubt/loathing, emotional outbursts, hopelessness and (God forbid) suicide….Not claiming this is anyone on steroids fate, but if you see you gym bro begin to exhibit similar behavior post cycle please do not assume it is merely a phase and open a dialog with them! So back to my request: Please vets, MOD’s anyone advising a rookie cycler…explain the pros as well as the cons!

I’m not anti AAS, just pro education

I’m sure a medical doctor would think me a fool…but I speak from experience. I’m no steroid teetotaler nor do I judge anyone. I simply feel after all my experience I can voice my opinion on an area needing more education and I hope many more agree. Lastly, my brother Vets…please advise with the purpose of your pupil succeed both on and off cycle. It’s our responsibility!


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