Aleesha Young IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Profile

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Aleesha Young General Overview

The 30-year-old Aleesha Young was born on November 10th 1984 in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. She is an American professional bodybuilder and also a fitness model.

Aleesha Young is best known in the fitness niche for her 2014 win in the NPC USA championships, where she was announced the overall best bodybuilder in the women’s heavyweight division. She also managed to scoop the overall title in the same competitions.

Aleesha Young
aleesha young

Physically, Aleesha stands approximately 5ft 3inches ( around 160 m) tall and maintains a contest weight of 150lbs ( 68 kg ). Further, her waist measures 21 inches, hips 35 inches with a pectoral width of 46DD. Her profile even gets more muscular considering that her calves are a whopping 17.5″, with a 28″ quad and 17″ arms. Aleesha Young takes pleasure in being a big-bodied woman, and IFBB statistics shows that she is listed among the most muscular female bodybuilders today.

She was also a successful mortgage business personality before the capital market took a dive after the infamous 2009 US financial meltdown.

Aleesha Young Early background & Childhood

Aleesha Young was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah as the first child in a family of three. She has a younger brother and sister. A brief look at her genetic pool shows that she was born in a family of athletes. Her father-Sr Young is a retired bodybuilder and perhaps the biggest influence behind Aleesha’s current success in the same field. Her brother plays ice hockey and football while her sister is presently a member Nickols Boston College hockey team.

Since a tender age of 6 yrs, Aleesha was already known in her neighbourhood for being the muscled little girl. She recalls how boys from her grade school used to ask her to flex her biceps to their own amusement feigned with hints of amazement. Before she was even 10 years old, Aleesha Young had developed more prominent muscles than even teenage boys, four years older.It was a phenomenon she remembers hating at first. It took a lot of counselling through her teenage years for her to begin accepting her unique physique.

In fact, there was a time her self-esteem issues had worsened to the point where she adopted a vegetarian lifestyle just so that she could lose muscle. When that did not work, she resulted to long distances runs, which again did not bear any fruits. Then Aleesha Young realized that she simply had no choice but to accept who she was and make the best of it.

Athletic Ability Shown Early

In school, Aleesha Young was involved in a variety of sports. She was particularly one of the most active students in her junior high and senior schools. Aleesha, in one of her recent interviews, recalled a time when she was an active of four different school teams at a go. Her then favourites included football, hockey, softball and badminton. However, it was softball and cheerleading that earned her a scholarship to college in her late teens.

Under the guidance of her father, Aleesha Young began weight training at the age of 15. Her father then doubled as her mentor and personal coach. Within a year of pushing iron, she could squat a massive 405lb weight at only 17 years.

Bodybuilding career and Championships

Despite her regular workouts, Aleesha Young didn’t attend any bodybuilding shows until she was 23 years old. By then she had developed a thoroughly toned profile that her debut competition was nothing short of a walk over. This was in the Utah state championships where she was announced the overall best athlete in the amateur women’s category.

Aleesha Young Beach
Aleesha Young Beach

Earlier on, Aleesha Young had doubted her ability to perform on stage. However, it only took one line up before the judges, to know that she was destined to dominate the bodybuiding arena.

After her landslide victory in Utah, Aleesha Young trained for another seven months before attending the nationals in 2008. This time round she was placed at a distant 15th place in women’s heavyweight category by the judges in San Diego.

The following year, Aleesha Young participated in the 2009 USA’s Annual championships where she emerged the 7th best athlete in women’s heavyweight class. A drastic improvement from her previous show. In one of the numerous interviews, Aleesha has cited this competition as being her initial breakthrough in her bodybuilding career. Finally, she realized that she had mastered the art, after years of struggling to refine her performance on stage.

This was well reflected in the following year’s All-South Classic 2010 Championships. It is also arguably her biggest win to date. It was when Aleesha Young carried home not only the award for the best athlete in the women’s heavyweight category, but also the overall championship title. She has also made it clear that what made the event more epic was the fact that her dad who was terminally ill by then, had the rare chance of witnessing his daughter at the zenith of a career he had helped built.

A Short Break From Bodybuilding

After 2010, Aleesha Young took a short break from the arena only to return with a bang in 2014.

The 2014 NPC USA’s championships are also another milestone in her young bodybuilding career. This time round she also clinched the top position in the women’s heavyweight division and topped it up impressively with an overall title. This grand slam earned her the most coveted item by amateur athletes- a pro card.

Her pro debut performance, however, left much to be desired. This time, Aleesha Young was ranked 9th in the 2014 November Tampa pro in Las Vegas, Nevada. Nevertheless, it is still a far cry from being poor, considering that she is yet to fully bloom in this niche.

Personal life and recreation activities

Aleesha Young is unmarried and leads a rather private personal life. However, Aleesha once revealed that she has a steady boyfriend and they have been dating for past two years.

Outside bodybuilding, Aleesha Young enjoys travelling, hiking, camping, wakeboarding and most other outdoor activities.

Aleesha Young’s training regimen is mainly comprised of daily 45 minutes of pushing weights plus 15-minute splits of leg presses and squats. The direct result of such an intensive workout programme is the ability to squat 405lbs for 6 back-to-back reps.

Aleesha Young Sexy
Aleesha Young Sexy


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