Yoga & Bodybuilding- Do They Go Hand in Hand?

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If you are on the lookout of feeling better and taking your physique to entirely new level it is recommended that you combine yoga and bodybuilding for amazing results. The very first thing that yoga helps is that it teaches you to stretch in the perfect and most disciplines way. Another thing that yoga can do is to take you to better motion range with muscles which is believed to stimulate your overall growth.

Why opt for yoga?

Yoga training sessions can be of great benefit to all those who wish to take up fitness routine. Yoga helps to tone and strengthen the body in a uniform manner, unlike some fitness regimens which result in overdevelopment of some muscle groups. Yoga thus postures and exercises your strength, balance and flexibility thereby making your body more capable to pursue weight loss or any other fitness related regimen.

Also, yoga stimulates and stretches the organs and muscle of the body in a very uniform way. This further allows proper blood flow going to all body parts that enables flushing out of the toxins which can accumulate in the tissues of your body. Proper and balanced detoxification can thus increase your overall strength and energy level, making you likely to follow some nice exercise plan designed especially for muscle building and weight loss.

Yoga & Bodybuilding
Yoga & Bodybuilding

How yoga helps in bodybuilding?

The heavy cum balanced diet of the bodybuilders tend to shorten their muscles. This thus reduces the range of motion. For instance, bodybuilders work big shoulder muscles very religiously to get great arms and muscles. But a few bodybuilders strengthen the rotator cuff muscles that make them susceptible to the rotator cuff injuries. But a number of yoga poses like the downward dog work rotator cuff muscles, lengthening and strengthening them to raise the range of motion.

Yoga training basically lays stress on holding the postures that enables one to hold the posing position for long in bodybuilding sessions and thus create flowing and beautiful lines in one’s body. This can actually make a difference between losing and winning in close competition.

Enjoy stronger body with yoga and workouts

Ideally speaking, it is recommended that you practice yoga postures for breath control, muscle action and flexibility. More so, you can include some resistance exercises for best of bodybuilding results. When you start practicing yoga for three days per week, you may wish to add more gym sessions in your routine as well to make a perfect blend of yoga and bodybuilding workout. Both the disciplines will give you the best of results from both inside and outside.

Bodybuilding and yoga may seem to be a strange combination but when both are done with due dedication and efforts, the results enjoyed are mind blowing. More so, as the disciplines are somewhat complementary to each other, if you are engrossed in bodybuilding, yoga can surely improve your overall range of motion, enabling you to hold the poses for long and indeed more creatively, reduce risk of injuries and remove stress as well as anxiety from your life as a whole. So, it would be great if you combine both yoga and workout sessions together so as to get the best of bodybuilding results.


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