Why Post Cycle Therapy is Necessary

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Post Cycle Therapy a Necessity
Body builders and other athletes often take steroids to help with fat loss and to enhance muscle growth. But there are negative side effects to steroids. Once they stop taking the steroids there is the danger of experiencing a post cycle crash.

Post cycle therapy or PCT is used to combat these negative side effects and avoid the crash. If you plan to take steroids you should plan your post cycle therapy in advance.

One of the reasons many people continue steroid use is because they suffered from a post cycle crash including muscle loss. To avoid this they would simply get back on steroids. But continued use of steroid use can cause problems.

With the correct post cycle therapy you can stop steroid usage and not suffer as many negative side effects.

Post Cycle Therapy to get to get your will get your body producing testosterone again

When you are using synthetic steroids your body is being given large amounts of testosterone. So much, that it stops producing its own testosterone or at the very least drastically slows production.

Once you’re off your cycle your body will start producing testosterone again – but not right away.

Why Post Cycle Therapy is Necessary
Why Post Cycle Therapy is Necessary

Also, to combat the extra testosterone being produce while you’re on steroids, your body starts producing more estrogen. When you stop the steroids your body will still be producing the extra estrogen. This can cause unwanted side effects such as low sex drive, water retention and even breast production.

Because of these side effects; you want to get your hormones back into balance as quickly as possible. PCT helps get your body back into high gear. Without PCT, you can begin to lose the muscle mass you gained during your cycle.

PCT involves taking the following; HCG. Nolvadex, and Clomid. These drugs help promote the production of testosterone until your body’s hormones are back in balance.

SERMS In Post Cycle Therapy

To reduce the amount of estrogen in your system, SERMS or Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators are recommended. Two of the most popular are Clomiphene Citrate and Temoxifen. These are usually started during the last few weeks of a steroid cycle and then continued for three or four weeks after.

PCT plans often include a cortisol suppressor. This is because anabolic steroids block the receptors in the muscles that normally take in cortisol. Your body will start producing more receptors to fight this. Without this your body can go into a catabolic state that depletes muscle tissue. This results in losing the muscle that you just gained during your cycle.

A good post cycle therapy plan will get your body back into hormonal balance as quickly as possible and reduce negative side effects.

A forty-five day post cycle therapy is usually recommended.

It’s important to also keep lifting weights and working out as you were before. This also helps prevent muscle loss.

You should also eat a healthy diet and be sure to get enough rest during your post therapy cycle. But for most users this is not enough to combat the side effects.

Will post cycle therapy completing eliminate post steroid muscle loss? Probably not completely. But many bodybuilders claim it has reduced their recovery time to 30 – 45 days as opposed to the normal six months required without therapy. This means much smaller loss of the muscle mass you’ve worked so hard to obtain.

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