What To Eat Post Workout? The Post Work Out Foods

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You are thinking of rewarding yourself for being committed to your workout with a bulky fatty burger? I think that’s not wise. For a bodybuilder, in fact for anyone hitting a gym the most important meal is what to eat post workout. To understand this you have to understand the mechanism behind this.

Our body stores energy in the form of glycogen and proteins in the muscle cells. When we are working out our body needs a lot of energy and for this it burns the pre-workout meal as fuel and after that breaks down glycogen for more energy. After the workout our body is in best position to absorb the carbohydrates and proteins from the meal we eat within 45 minutes of workout. Therefore be very careful about what you eat in this time period.

Here are few recommendations for you.

Greek Yogurt

This thing is killer with proteins and regular intake of Greek yogurt is also major carbohydrate source. For most benefits you can mix it will fruits or cereals for best nutritive values. Fresh berries are the best to go with as they also in fighting workout soreness of any kind.

Sandwich wraps

What To Eat Post Workout

According to Dr. Louise Burke, head of Sports Nutrition at the Australian Institute of Sport, “Wholegrain wraps are loaded with wholesome carbohydrates.” If you are working our during your lunch time then you can a bowl of soup of a chicken sandwich as well. Burke adds, “Wraps are portable so you can eat them on the way back to your office!”

You can also add wholegrain cereal and rice to your lunch after a workout. All these are high source of proteins and carbohydrates which body needs soon after workout.

Fruit salad

Fresh fruits are always best source of nutrients and if you are working out then they are even better. Try adding fruits like pineapple to your post meal diet which have anti inflammatory properties which help body to recover fast. Kiwi and blue berries like fruits are rich in anti oxidants which help with digestion and amino acid breakdown. Banana is a high source of carbohydrate which comes handy to meet the increase energy requirements.


Eggs are great post-workout meal as they are rich in proteins and carbohydrates. Another important ingredient present in eggs is vitamin D which aids body with absorption of calcium which is necessary for stronger bones. Do not be fooled by the rumors that raw eggs are more beneficial. In fact cooked eggs enable you to consume twice the amount of proteins.

The most important rule is to eat something after you workout. All your efforts will be in vain if you are not eating enough to meet your body energy requirements. Your post-workout diet can be broken down to proteins and carbohydrates. Eat anything which is high on these and you will be able to build muscles much efficiently.


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