Top Muscle Building Errors- Stop Doing Them Before It’s Too Late

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Building muscles is pretty tempting. It’s not only for those who love to make muscles but also for those who want to shed some extra pounds. People have many notions about bodybuilding and this also affects their approach towards workouts. Mistakes are common when you are not well aware of workouts or skip to take advice of the experts.

How well knowledgeable about an exercise you are but chances are pretty high that you will end up injuring yourself if you have not tried a new exercise under supervision. Also it can be you are exhausting yourself to build muscles without taking care of the consequences. All this in the end backfires on your muscle building plan. Here we will point out some errors which you are prone to stumble upon.

Taking long breaks

I have personally seen newcomers and even experienced people rest too long between sets. This is very wrong approach and you should change it. You should take breaks only for 30-50 seconds between two sets especially when you are on strength training. Taking long breaks releases muscles which make them more susceptible to pain and also makes you feel more fatigue. Keep an optimum break period in which your body recovers from the exercise stress yet is under pressure which is very important for muscle building.muscle building errors

No overnight result

There is no way that you are going to bulk overnight. Do not burn your calories ripping your muscles reps after reps. This will lead to injuries which will get your workout regime off track. If you are skinny then you should follow the phrase “less is more” religiously. Just half all the sets of exercises it will help you with easy muscle building.

Not Enough Food

Not keeping your diet proper is not going to help you with muscle building at all. I often get complain from gym goers that even after working out they are not gaining weight. There is no way you can bulk up without proper diet.

Workouts will make you stronger but not help in muscle building unless you start taking in calories. Eat more and more but make sure you are not chewing empty calories. Eat healthy and you will on your track towards healthy body building.

Avoid Cardio

I recommend this to skinny guys and people who are working out for muscle building to avoid cardio exercises. Cardio exercises burn the fat build up in the body which counters the muscle building needs of body.  What you need to keep in mind is unless your body is storing fat in tones you need not to go for cardio.


Not only for muscle building but also for general health stress is excessively bad. You should make sure that you do not get stress out yourself. Chemically when body is stressed it reacts by releasing cortisol a hormone which breaks down tissues. For some who is working out for building muscles tissue breakdown is a bad news.

Be happy and eat healthy while working out not intensively but smarty, this approach will help you build muscles easily on the go.


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