Top Bodybuilding Myths Uncovered

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Every culture has its own set of myths and facts and so bodybuilding is not an exception. Like many myths, most are a blend of fantasy and truth but there are some myths which have no truth in them. Here we present the top myths that surround the bodybuilding field.

Number 1

Increased training will burn huge amount of fat from the body

If you wish to lose weight, you need not focus on time that you spend on training, rather on total energy lost. Your intensity of training is what that determines the total calories that your body will burn off. Faster you walk or run, more are the number of calories that you will be able to burn in every minute. It is indeed not easy to exercise for extended time and so your training should begin from low intensity to high intensity workouts. bodybuilding myths

With this said, you need to make a distinction between fact and myth about bodybuilding that you need to be aware of. You may think that if you indulge in more reps with light weights, you will enjoy better results as compared to doing few reps with more weight. This is in fact the opposite opinion that you should take. Science behind weightlifting reports that muscles will not be triggered to develop without proper stimulus and thus if you do not shock muscles into growth, they will not get stronger and bigger.

Number 2

Your genes do not have any role in getting bodybuilding results

This myth is indeed not true, you genes actually determine the bodybuilding results you enjoy. If you have genes of hard gainer, it will surely take more time and efforts before you even start seeing any results as far as body transformation is concerned. There are even the people whose genes permit them to build muscles within short span of time. Another myth is about working out on one part each day if you really wish to enjoy results. The problems are that you will look and feel imbalanced when you do not work out the whole body in an equal manner and that you need to give the body a day off between different workouts so that your muscles can easily recover. As you work out, you are injuring the muscles. As you have used the muscles, they are rebuilt in a stronger way because the body recognizes that you require muscle.

Number 3

Exercising is waste of time if you do not work hard

This myth has indeed discouraged a lot of people from starting some fitness or exercise plan. It is better exercising regularly for some time rather than not exercising at all. As you undertake some simple exercises like walking or jogging, you will be able to lower down the chances to get heart diseases and others.

Number 4

No pain, no gain

This is well the oldest myth of bodybuilding that has caused a lot of people to end up over workout and training. As you over train yourself, you end up getting much stress which could make you lose your muscles. Thus you should allocate proper rest periods between different workouts.

So, these are the top bodybuilding myths unveiled. It is best to know the facts.


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