Testosterone Cypionate- The Very Popular Way To Build Up Muscle Mass and More

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Testosterone Cypionate and lean muscle growth
Testosterone cypionate is the synthetic version of naturally occurring steroid hormone testosterone. The steroid can be taken alone or with other drugs, balanced diet and Testosterone cypionate is the synthetic version of naturally occuring steroid hormone testosterone. The steroid can be taken alone or with other drugs, balanced diet and proper exercise schedule to build the muscles. In fact testosterone in any way is recommended first use anabolic steroid for the beginners.

How is Testosterone cypionate useful for bodybuilding?

Testosterone Cypionate
Testosterone Cypionate for TRT

Testosterone cypionate is very famous for the purpose of bodybuilding due to its long half life and slow rate of release that in turn provides fat more easy and convenient injectable schedule for the cypionate dose. This is mainly because vast majority of the beginners become intimidated by the very concept of injections. Testosterone enanthate is also popular among the beginner anabolic drug users for same reasons.

A number of athletes have displayed great strength gains using Testosterone cypionate as hormone improves muscle contraction through increasing the overall motor neutrons in the muscle and thus improves the neuromuscular transmission. It further promotes synthesis of glycogen, thus offering more fuel for enjoying intense workout and thereby increasing the overall levels of strength and endurance.

More about Testosterone cypionate

In other words, Testosterone cypionate differs from the naturally produced testosterone in the way that it includes 8 carbon ester group that further makes it tough for the liver to actually break down. Also, those who make use of it must inject the testosterone cypionate in the intramuscular tissues where it is most absorbed by one’s body, stored in the fatty tissues and then released slowly over the time.

Testosterone cypionate dosage is highly flexible as far as user’s aims are concerned. Its doses can be tailor made for different goals i.e. bulking, cutting etc. Variation between cypionate dosage depend on the goal of the users. For instance, bodybuilding dosage ranges are actually required for a person who wishes to add up mean mass and bulk up. For purposes of fat loss and cutting, it is not a requirement to dive in high range of dosage because of the fact that the main concern with engaging in fat loss is basically preservation of the muscle mass during calorie deficit where muscle loss is a threat without using anabolic steroids. In such cases, low doses are necessary. When used alone, the Testosterone cypionate users can expect enjoying some significant gains. Long acting nature of this cypionate allows its users to basically inject less frequently and at the same time maintaining proper blood levels.

It is important to thus eat as well as train properly to gain muscles when taking Testosterone cypionate. It is also recommended that heavy resistance training will cause the micro tears in the muscle fibers to replace and repair the muscle tissues. To enjoy maximum possible recovery and quick muscle gains, it is vital to eat 2 to 3 grams protein per pound lean body mass.

So, as testosterone cypionate offers so many benefits, it is a preferred and much popular bodybuilding and sports steroid.


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