Tazzie Colomb IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Profile

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Tazzie Colomb American Bodybuilder
Tazzie Colomb is an American bodybuilder and powerlifter who was born 48 years ago ( August 20, 1966 ) in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. She is fondly known as Ragin Cajun is IFBB’s longest competing pro bodybuilders to date.

Apart from bodybuilding, Tazzie Colomb is also a light wrestler, masseuse and fitness/muscle model. The 5ft 7-inch tall pro bodybuilder is also Aaron Neville’s personal trainer and coach.

Physically, she maintains a constant contest weight of 158-195lbs ( 70-90kg). Which implies that Tazzie Colomb competes in the Women’s Heavyweight category. When she’s not in session, Tazzie can weigh anywhere between 195-220lbs.

Since her first-ever show in 1986, Tazzie has enjoyed far-reaching success in the course of her long career which spans over 28yrs. And from the look of things, she has no intention of retiring anytime soon.

Tazzie Colomb Bodybuilding and Powerlifting career

The 1992 NPC heavyweight champion was raised in New Orleans’ backyard. From when she was young, Tazzie exhibited unusual physical strength and muscular prowess. She recollects fondly how she enjoyed wrestling boys her age during her childhood days. Tazzie Colomb additionally started muscle training and working out when she was barely 16 years, that by the time she was 20, she weighed a massive 170lbs.

Tazzie Colomb IFBB Pro Bodybuilder
Tazzie Colomb IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

Her first-ever recorded bodybuilding show was in the 1986 NPC Teen USA competition. It was a championship organized to identify raw talent in amateur bodybuilders. Tazzie was placed second in the women’s heavyweight class.

Since then, Tazzie Colomb participated in six other shows as an amateur athlete, where she was consistently placed among the top ten best athletes in her class. At her last show as an amateur, Tazzie wrote her name in the history books of IFBB bodybuilding by recording a historical double win. She was named the best athlete in her category and further announced as the Women’s overall title holder. The judges also thought that was enough to earn her a pro card.

Her professional career was even better. Between 1994 and 2006, Tazzie participated in more than 20 different shows and managed to be ranked among the top 10 best athletes in her class in each of them. However, in 2000, her and a fellow bodybuilder ( Iris Kyle ) were disqualified from that year’s Ms. International show for suspected diuretic use. Taziie has long since denied the doping allegations made against her.

Professional Bodybuilding

Tazzie Colomb’s biggest win was in the 2007’s Europa Supershow. After missing out of the top three tier for almost a decade, Tazzie stunned her spectators when she was announced the winner of the Women’s Heavyweight title.

Further, Tazzie Colomb is the only female bodybuilder who has qualified and attended the elite Ms. Olympia four times in her career. Although she has not won any of them, Tazzie first Ms. Olympia show dates as far back as some 17 years ago in 1997. Her best Ms. Olympia performance though was in 2002, where she ranked 3rd among the top ten athletes of the Women’s Heavyweight class.

Other than conventional bodybuilding, Tazzie Colomb is also a powerlifter and a mixed-arm wrestler. She has attended three recorded powerlifting shows, all of which she was consistently placed among the top 6 contenders. Her last one was the 1998 Women’s Extravaganza.

Since then, her interest in powerlifting waned as she sought instead to focus in strength shows. Strength competitions are a mild form of powerlifting which tend to lean more on the muscular/conditioning side than raw power. On that note, she has also recorded a solid performance in this niche. One of her best recorded performances was in the 2002 GNC show of strength, where she came in third in her usual Heavyweight class.

Personal life & Relationships

Tazzie Colomb was born in a family of three. She has no brothers. Her father has long passed on, and she no longer keeps in touch with her sisters.

In her childhood, she attended grade school at the St. Pious and Cabrini. In school, she was the star athlete and often outdid boys her age in most physical sports. However, Tazzie did not progress to college after graduating high school.

Despite her stardom and fairly successful modelling career, Tazzie Colomb is still unmarried and not involved in any romantic relationship ( as at the time of publishing). She still lives in her birth town- New Orleans.

When she is not bodybuilding, Tazzie Colomb also models for numerous fitness and exotic magazines. She also claims to be a specialist in Muscle Worship and Scissor sessions.


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