Sustanon- The Useful Performance Enhancer

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If you have been using the anabolic steroids earlier and were all tensed about anabolic or estrogenic side effects of the steroid, it is now time that you use one of the safest and potent performance enhancing steroids in the garb of Sustanon. This drug is a perfect combination of 4 different testosterone esters. The esters are basically linked to steroids for the actual aim of making them more lipophilic. In such a way, the steroid then remains in adipose tissue for longer time when injected and gets released at a slow rate in the blood stream.

The Sustanon Blend

Sustanon is in fact a unique combination of 1 long ester, 1 short ester and 2 medium esters. The main purpose behind this sort of a blend is to offer the users quick release of steroid and that too the one which is long lasting.


Further, Sustanon acts like a time released steroid that is rich in androgenic and anabolic value. The fast acting ester of this blend i.e. testosterone propionate then becomes highly active in very first day. Other esters become live over several weeks to actually follow where they reach the peak with actions of all the 4 esters that remain for the left cycle. What more, the anabolic steroid is used commonly by the sportsmen and that too the ones who are into bodybuilding field in order to get benefit from muscle size, improved muscle action, protein synthesis, stamina, nitrogen retention, performance and the production of red blood cells while at the same time maintaining health of the reproductive tissues such as seminal vesicles, penis, testes, epididymis and prostate even with lose dose of Sustanon.

Sustanon Side Effects

The steroid’s use is related to great aggression gains as well along with being useful in promoting a sense of overall wellbeing. Use of the anabolic drug is indeed not recommended to the ones suffering from reduced liver or kidney function, migraine history, heart failure, epilepsy, blood clotting, sleep apnea and others.

 The bodybuilders take testosterone for improved performance, so whether they want to gain strength, muscle or workout results, testosterone surely helps. But there is a problem of taking testosterone i.e. the injection causes same side effects as the steroids. There is thus good chance that the users retain huge amounts of water, produce the estrogen based on testosterone and have growth of breasts. The average dosage ranges between 500 and 2000 mg but without physician consultation, you should not take Sustanon at any cost.

Increase Mass

Athletes using Sustanon can actually expect great increase in fat free mass as well as strength. In fact Sustanon aromatize but less than other single ester testosterones that result in less of water retention when compared with other drugs.

In short, Sustanon has become highly famous for bodybuilding in theses years. Due to its great blend of testosterone with 4 esters, the steroid is highly effective when it comes to muscle building. It is indeed easily available at reputed steroid stores both locally and online. So, get set go and have Sustanon before it gets too late!

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