Super Fast Muscle Building Foods

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Fast Muscle Building Foods
Building muscles is one hell of a tough task. Isn’t it? Well no, you can build muscles with relative ease if you are on right diet plan. All you have to take care of is that you are on the right diet for healthy muscle building and you will see the results in no time. Here we are going to list some of the best muscle building foods that bodybuilders recommend. This will help you with easy muscle building as well as strength training.

Whole Eggs

Healthy eating can be very expensive at times the best you can do is to include whole eggs in your diet. Richest and cheapest source of proteins whole eggs will do wonder for your muscle building program. Yolk of egg contains not only proteins but whole lot of vitamin A, D and E and cholesterol which helps in increasing your testosterone levels.

foods for bodybuilding
Muscle Building Foods

If you are wondering about the cholesterol present in egg then don’t worry it’s not blood cholesterol but dietary cholesterol which is healthy. Eggs will help you to put on unadulterated pure muscle mass without increasing your body fat.


We all know that body needs fluids much more than solid food. Yogurt is the richest source of healthy bacteria which improve the gastrointestinal health. Just make use of yogurt in your diet regularly and it will help you to easily digest your food. Include berries and flax seeds as well so that you get most nutritive value from yogurt. Flax seeds are very rich in omega-3, protein and fiber all of which are a good muscle building foods choice. Grinding flax seeds is a must before intake as you can get most out of them through grinding.

Best way to intake yogurt is to take 1 tablespoon of it with berries and grinded flax seed powder before going to bed. Take care you are not buying sugar added or frozen yogurt just use low fat plain yogurt.

Olive Oil

Oils are straight fats which can be cruel on your body building program. However not all oils are harmful with high fat. Extra virgin olive oil is very rich source of monounsaturated fats that protect us from cancer and heart diseases.

Best way to include Olive oil in your diet is to add it to your salad. Adding some nuts to your diet along with olive oil will give best nutritive combination. Olive Oil contains polyphenols which make it taste better. Nuts have mono- & polyunsaturated fats, fiber, proteins, vitamin E, magnesium, zinc, potassium, and many other nutrients which make them caloric dense. This means they help you to easily gain weight if you are skinny. Almonds, cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, anything will work for you. Just make sure you are not adding sugar or salt to them.

Red Meat

For muscle building you definitely need to add meat to your diet. Red meat is good source of protein, heme iron, vitamin B12, zinc, omega-3, creatine and carnosine. However you should vary not to include it much in your diet. Once or twice a week will be enough.

These are the super foods which can build your muscles in no time.

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