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Sheila Bleck was born in 1974 in Oregon, USA, along with her identical twin sister, Sherry. She was raised by a single mum, and as kid, she never knew her father. Her mother never had child support and had to work a lot to support the two. At around the age of 2-5 years old, Sheila and her sister were abused by various babysitters while their mother was at work.

Early life and Education of Sheila Bleck

At some point, she was sexually abused and her abusers even threatened to take her away from her mum. Her mother eventually asked her grandmother to step in and take care of her and her sister. She graduated from North Bend High School in 1992.

It must have been through this grueling childhood that Sheila grew up to be strong and defensive, to fight for her freedom at every chance she got. She also grew up so protective of her mother that she made it her personal responsibility to ensure her mum was safe and living her life in peace; little did she know that this was shaping her career to be.

sheila bleck IFBB Pro bodybuilder

Sheila Bleck Career life – Bodybuilding

Sheila has always been athletic since her tender age, but she admits that she was not always a fan of team sports a t school. At the age of 12, Sheila’s mother bought her and her sister a weight bench. She was motivated to lift by the Hulk, Rocky and Sylvester Stallone. Sheila also tried dancing as she grew up, but this was not her strong side. She was involved a little in modern dance for some time while in junior school.

She attended her first gym at the age of 15 and latter joined the powerlifting team within a year, which she competed for more than two years. At the age of 17, she got lots of encouragement from her friends to join active body building competitions. At 18, while at the ‘Better Builds Gym’, she received a lot of training and coaching from body builder Jake Grabow. She received lots of training and tips on dieting, workouts and posing, values she still acknowledges and respects Jake for as her first career mentor.

Important People

Looking back, Sheila remembers other remarkable persons in her life such as the boys she and her sister always trained with at the gym. Naturally, most of her friends back then were boys, and from them, she learned a lot beyond fitness and bodybuilding. She also acknowledges her high school gym teacher, Cindy Shultz for instilling discipline and good behavior in her, and pointing out at her early stage that she had great potential in the bodybuilding and fitness career.

Bleck completed high school at the age of 18 years and joined active bodybuilding competitions. In 2008, she won NPC Nationals and the IFBB pro card. In 2009, Sheila appointed John Romano as her prep coach for her pro career. She is currently coached by Dave Palumbo. In 2010, she came close in the second position at her first professional competition in the 2010 New York Pro. She lost the title to Cathy LeFrançois buy just a single point. Since 2010, Sheila has always been in the top 6 of every professional bodybuilding competition she participated in, except the 2014 Ms. Olympia. She won her first IFBB pro competition in 2014, The Tampa Pro, where she qualified for the 2014 Ms. Olympia.

Personal life

Sheila Bleck currently leaves in Stockholm, Sweden and Tampa, Florida. She is a regular visit to Sweden where her fiancé, Pontus Bergfelt resides. Her Sister, Sherry, started competitive boxing at the age of 19 and stayed active for 6 years under the USA Amateur Boxing Association. Sheila competed as a welter weigh won ten out of ten fights. She has also participated in amature building in 2004, 2005 and 2007 where she won two overall tittles and come in second on the third one. Sheila started her own website in December 2012 and later on Sheila Bleck Bodybuilding Arts in 2013.

Measurements:Height: – 5′ 7Contest weight: – 156 pounds Shoulder girth: – 48Waist: – 30.25Thigh: – 23Chest: -38.25Hips: – 37Arm: – 13Calf: – 15.5Arm flexed: – 14.5Neck: – 14.5
Hobbies and interests: – Dancing, choregraghing and Cooking.

Contest history

sheila bleck

• (1993)-Bill Pearl Classic _ 2nd (Heavy Weight)

• (1995)-Oregon Coast Champ_1st (Heavy Weight)

• (1998)-Oregon State Champ_1st (Heavy Weight)

• (1999)-Oregon State Champ_1st (Heavy Weight)

• (2000)-Oregon State Champ_1st

• (2000)-Emerald Cup 2000 _1st

• (2000)-USAs Nationals _16th

• (2002)-Contra Costa_1st

• (2003)-Nationals_6th (Heavy Weight)

• (2005)-National_11th

• (2006)-USAs Nationals_3rd

• (2006)-Nationals_3rd

• (2007)-USAs Nationals _2nd

• (2008)-Nationals_1st

• (2010)-FBB New York Pro_2nd

• (2010)-IFBB Ms Olympia_4th

• (2011)-IFBB Ms Olympia_6th

• (2012)-IFBB Tampa Pro_2nd and best poser award

• (2012)-IFBB Ms Olympia_6th

• (2014)-IFBB Tampa Pro_1st and best poser award

• (2014)-IFBB Ms Olympia_7th

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