SEO or Synthol, Big Muscles Effortlessly

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For many of you SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization and would never have happened to relate it to big muscles like those of Gregg Valentino , but the acronym SEO also correspond to Site Enhancement Oil better known as Synthol.

There are hundreds of commercial names for this substance and its variants, Synthol / PumpnPose, Syntherol, EsikClean, Nuclear Nutrition Site Oil, Cosmostan and Liquid Muscle are some of the most popular.synthol arms

Those who use these compounds are injected to increase the size and shape of some muscles such as biceps, triceps, cuff and trapezoids;  The result is obtained very quickly, without more effort, but with much pain and health risks.

These SEOs or variants of the Synthol are basically formed by a mixture of oils used in principle to give skin whitening of the cuturistas while posing in the competitions, some manufacturers sell these products on the Internet hinting or saying that its main use is for the application Intramuscular to increase the volume and improve the shape of muscles.

Some of them even contain other substances like silicone, steroids and anabolics, of course they are all harmful to health and can cause serious problems if used improperly;  Side effects include from cysts, thrombi and paralysis of muscle fibers to embolism and for heart if the substance reaches the bloodstream.

Synthol for large muscles effortlessly

As in this world there is everything, hundreds of people are fond of using SEOs or Synthol to get large muscles effortlessly;  Giant arms, bulky calves, huge glutes;  Any part of the body however small may be deformed with the use of these oils.

Forums, image galleries, videos, portals, blogs and static pages have been created with very detailed information about what Synthol is or any of the commercial variants of SEOs , how to use it and of course showing the effects achieved when applied Routinely oils;  Where to buy it, and that I know how many more things.

We should not forget that getting muscle volume in this way is a simple illusion, our muscles do not grow by injecting Synthol we simply swell them by filling them with oil;  That size and shape are not natural and does not increase our strength;  To get real muscles you have to exercise, feed, hydrate and rest properly, developing a bodybuilder is a job that requires time, constancy and dedication.

I leave some images to give you a clear idea of ​​what I am talking about, in my opinion the arms of these men are simply deformed and artificial, none of them can be said to be representative of bodybuilding and even less a healthy lifestyle.


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