A Overview of the IPF Powerlifting Federation

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IPF Powerlifting Federation History

Long before this organization can into existence in 1971, the powerlifting scene was always in a turbulent situation with no reliable and trustworthy referee. Of course, consolidating competitions was not this common and the few powerlifting bodies available back then were not such practical. Relief finally arrived in 1971-1972 when this federation was launched, additionally attracting tons of interested states and corporations. Today, IPF Powerlifting Federation is mandated with a lot of tasks, and all meant at keeping the whole scene in check.

Who is this IPF Powerlifting Federation?

IPF Powerlifting

The International Powerlifting Federation, commonly called the IPF, is a global powerlifting governing organization that is recognized by the famous International Olympic Committee as well as the General Association of International Sports Federations – GAISF. With member countries in an excess of 100 and the number in a steady growth, it is the only known drug-tested powerlifting federation that participates in the World Games.

It is headed by Mr. Gaston Parage, a Luxembourg national and the league’s management isn’t as simple as it looks. With strictness, he has ensured that every rule approved by the Federation is followed, a factor that has warranted that it remains stable over the years. Elections for various posts are done after every four years in office while rules are changed regularly.

In fact, it is barely recently that costumes including support shirts, wraps, as well as singlets from unregistered and approved commercial manufacturers were utterly phased out. With the backing of the World Anti-Doping Agency among several other reputable sports monitoring organizations, all global competitions have been successful.

The history of The International Powerlifting Federation

Even though IPF was founded in 1971, powerlifting was up and running in 1968 Olympics with several reputable athletes participating. However, in 1972, the first official IPF World Championships were staged in Harrisburg, USA. Throughout the following years, several records were made and subsequently broken with the organization tremendously growing and thereby attracting lots of followers worldwide.

With the growth and immense following the whole sport was attracting, the 1981 Calcutta, India, and the 1982 Munich World Championship marked the start of drug testing. By the year 2000, women participants were welcome and had increased in leaps with the Championships host cities and locations now all over the world. It is important to mention that while the competitions are organized and monitored by this federation; lots of strict measures are often introduced.

The Global Powerlifting Competitions

Talking about global competitions, IPF Powerlifting Federation is an active participant already having the 2017, 2018, and 2019 tournament calendars out. The upcoming World Bench Press Championship in Lalandia Rödby, Denmark is already attracting avid power lifters in hundreds and from all parts of the continent. Accommodating Masters, Open, Sub-junior and Junior categories, it is apparent that with times fast-changing, there will be more events as it was evident.

Affiliated Federations all over the world

With a myriad of affiliated confederacies and some regular world-class championships, IPF is, without doubt, the face of global powerlifting today. This federation is credited for being the change that powerlifting of the recent era is and boasts of a team of astute board of directors, regular meetings, and a list of competitions that is updated from time to time. The list of all affiliated bodies all over the world is as below.

IPF Powerlifting Federation
IPF Powerlifting Federation
  • Africa has eight affiliated powerlifting federations
  • Asia has a total of 21 IPF affiliated federations
  • The European powerlifting federation has over 35 member organizations
  • The North America has 12 members
  • The Oceania and South America has 12 and seven affiliate leagues respectively


Being the largest and perhaps the most trusted powerlifting federation in the world couldn’t escape the eyes of several top-ranking partners who are primarily responsible for the smooth running of the organization. As at now, the International Powerlifting Federation has a couple of partners with the following being the greatest ones.

  • SBD Apparel
  • Rehband
  • Special Olympics
  • The World Anti-Doping Agency
  • Sportaccord
  • The International World Games Association

The Parting Shot

If you have been keeping a close eye on the latest happening in this federation, then you will admit that since the onset of this era, its main competitions are held to honor one of their own. It is a great feature especially for this federation, keeping in touch with its legends, both the active and the retired ones. While the management is a vibrant one, membership is essentially done at the regional level. It is encouraging seeing such an international federation expanding each year amid the rampant ills and vices rocking other famous global bodies today. It is everyone’s hope and prayer that the International Powerlifting Federation keeps growing as it is today.


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