Rene Campbell IFBB Pro bodybuilder Profile

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Rene Campbell General Overview
38-year-old Rene Campbell was born May, 15th 1977 in Brighton, England. She is an English Pro IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) bodybuilder and ranks among the top 10 best female bodybuilders of all time. Apart from bodybuilding, Rene Campbell also poses a freelance fitness model and doubles up as a personal trainer at her spare time.

Physically, Rene Campbell stands 5’8″ (173cm) and is known to maintain a contest weight of approximately 89kg or around 200 pounds. Otherwise, she boasts of a well-muscled chest of around 48 inches ( 122 cms), her biceps measures 17 inches ( 43 cms) coupled by 15-inch calves.

Rene Campbell female bodybuilder
Rene Campbell female bodybuilder

So going by the above measurements and weight, Rene Campbell fits squarely in the female heavyweight bodybuilder category and this well-manifested by her average lift stats that currently stand at; 3 plates a side ( 159 kg/ 315 pounds) while squatting and 2.5 plates a side ( 150 kg) in bench presses.

Rene Campbell prior bodybuilding background

Although the British champion is currently at the zenith of her career, like most other high-flying professionals, she also started at the bottom before working her to the front row through sheer hard work, determination and a fiery spirit. In fact, it was only a few years ago that the IFBB pro bodybuilder was merely a petite mother of two weighing less than 65kgs ( 143 lbs). That was when she started working out regularly after a short stint of inspiration from already established female pro bodybuilders.

In late 2009, Rene Campbell, accompanied a friend for her bodybuilding show, and little did she know that the fateful afternoon would change the course of her life. She was thoroughly impressed by the confidence oozing from the women on the stage plus how they had managed to sculpt and wedge their bodies so perfectly that they made muscles look attractive on them.

Nonetheless, before Rene Campbell ventured into bodybuilding, she wasn’t new to athletics herself. She was in her school’s long distance and triathlon teams in high school and college.

However, after that afternoon in 2007, bodybuilding became her newly found passion, and she started training at her local gym on a daily basis. She recalls this on her personal website by saying, “I’ve always loved challenges and I thus thought that bodybuilding would be a new and exciting hurdle to jump as a running was slowly becoming less interesting to me. I would then spend hours every day in the gym pushing iron or on the cardio.”

And indeed her hard work paid off. After a year of rigorous training, she attended her first ever competition ( the 2008 NPA South East Junior Championships) and surprisingly she won, although she had only been training for a couple of months. Not only did that motivate her, but she also took it as a sign that there wasn’t a limit of how much she could achieve in bodybuilding.

Career and championships

After her first amateur win in 2008, Rene Campbell participated in half a dozen more junior competitions before finally going global in 2013. This was after she won her pro card in late 2012, a feat that saw her qualify to participate in the 2013 IFBB Pro Wings Of Strength in Chicago. But her pro card did not come easy either. She had to invest in the services of IFBB Pro Harold Marillier before she scooped the overall world champion title in 2012 that later saw her awarded the pro card,

Perhaps, Rene Campbell biggest win to date, aside from her 2012 epic win, was in the 2011 UKBFF championships. Rene Campbell has shared the stage with seasoned bodybuilders and trumped over them admirably that she was announced the competition’s Miss UKBFF Ladies Physique Champion. Even for a professional bodybuilder, this isn’t a small feat.

Personal life and relationships

In more than one occasion, Rene Campbell has publicly explained the profound relationship she shares with her kids. Although she is currently unmarried, Rene has two sons from a previous relationship.

Rene Campbell shares a deep friendship with her mentor Mr Darren Deane, a physique trainer at her local gym. It is also to remember that Darren was the inspiration behind her venturing into bodybuilding in the first place.

Presently, Rene Campbell shares the stage with IFBB veterans and powerhouses such as DLB and Yaxeni Oriquen.


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