Reality show rewards Brazil’s strongest men and women

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Casa dos Campões brought together competitors in the fight for the prize of R $ 36 thousand

Cuiabana at heart, it is an honor for me to represent our region in the championships that I play.”  This is how Michelly Matos, an athlete who won all the competitions in which he participated this year, including the state, Brazilian and the Arnold Classic – international championship played in Rio de Janeiro.  And she wants more: the athlete is in the stage of concentration and training to arrive with full force in the South American, that happens from (08) to (12) of September, in Cuenca, in Ecuador.

Cuiabana will play in the South American on the second day of competition and is counting on the extra weight of the trophy in their return baggage.  “I’m going to win.  I will not leave Cuiabá to lose.  The champion already steps on the stage champion and this I realized throughout the competitions in which I participated “.

Cuiabana Michelly Matos

The athlete comes from a series of championships and has not yet rested this year.  She explains that she started thinking about Ecuador’s competition only a month ago, and only got support for the costs with the help of many people.  “The South American is an expensive championship and it was more than R $ 6 thousand just in passing.  I did not think I could go because I did not have the support.  Until I got the chopped support of several people and thank God I got it. ”

Way of the stones

At 31, the athlete recalls with precision the reasons that led her to train and the pleasure of becoming an adept of bodybuilding.  “Sixteen years ago I started out on the subject of prejudice.  I was very thin, I started to train and the changes in my physique were happening.  Then I liked it and motivated myself more and more, “he says.

Excited, with tears in her eyes, the champion reports that she suffered from bullying in her youth because of her thin physique.  “I even get emotional, because I had no expectations, was a skinny girl and suffered bullying of such thinness.  I started on account and I dedicated myself without resources here in Cuiabá, before athletes with much more resources “.

The key point in this trajectory was when the bodybuilder began training at the academy of the president of the Mato Grosso Federation of Bodybuilding, Bodybuilding and Fitness – IFBB-MT, Kinssiger Alencastro, drawing his attention to his physique.  “When he saw me, he did not think twice and invited me to competitions.”

“I initially thought not, because I trained for myself.  Still he said that my physique was very good and that I was practically ready. ”  According to the coach, only a few adjustments were missing and she could already play in the new category.

Start of competitions

Body Fitness: Michelly confesses that she came to give up at the beginning of training, but matured the idea and continued in training.  She started straight into the 2013 Brazilian. At the time, she competed in the Body Fitness category – the category where the physique needs to be in “Y”, with thin legs and much wider and more apparent trunk.

In this Brazilian the athlete did not even get classified.  “It was beautiful, but to the standards of a woman from day to day, not to the category,” he explains.

Michelly still stayed for two years in Body Fitness and suffered a lot to fit the standards required.  “I made a great effort to stay in the category.  I’ve been practically a year and a half without training a leg and gluteal and for a woman this is very complicated. ”  With the efforts the athlete was a two-time state champion in this category, but always beat the board in the major championships.

Victorious category change

Michelly Matos

Women’s Physique: It was true that a change needed to be made for the bonds to come, and it was done.  Michelly joined the Women’s Physique category and made her debut at the Arnold Classic in Rio de Janeiro this year.  “I was a champion at Arnold among 17 women from all over the world.  That’s in my first competition in this category, “he proudly reports.

In this category the athlete’s physique must be in “X” and all the members must be proportional.  It starts from one size and ends the same.  Leg, such as calf, shoulder, gluteus, etc.

The category perfectly favored the structure of the athlete, who won another title of great expression.  Michelly took the Brazilian played in July of this year, in São Paulo, with praise.  The athlete was champion in its high range and, yet, was chosen the best of the night in the dispute with other bands of height, becoming champion Overall.

Feminine essence

In addition to well-defined muscles, Michelly stands out for her femininity, a criterion for breaking the tie in certain confrontations.  “Many referees come to me after the championships to praise my physique, saying that I am what they are looking for from Physique, which goes beyond the physical, such as femininity, for example,” notes the bodybuilder.

Graduated in management and postgraduate in project management, the athlete owns a restaurant of healthy food, and according to her, eating well would be one of the factors contributing to the maintenance of the feminine essence.

“Maintaining femininity in this category is very difficult because women make a lot of compensation.  I think I stand out because I have been eating healthy for a long time, “adds Michelly, noting that steroids and anabolic steroids – some of which are allowed – take away the femininity of athletes.

And he adds: “I think my opponents eat a lot of ‘garbage’, fatty foods and tempered in excess and then compensate with the use of manipulated, which leaves women less and less female,” he explains.


Although it is a sport that demands total dedication from the athlete – who often abdicates from things like family, walks and parties to stay focused on the sport – most bodybuilders still suffer prejudice from society.

“Bodybuilding is like anything else and will not please everyone.  There are people who think they are beautiful, people who think they are strange and have people who do not like them.  A matter of opinion, simple as that, “the athlete rebuffs.

Michelly guarantees that she will continue as long as she feels good about the benefits that the sport brings.  “I do not have the approval of anyone, I do because I’m feeling good.  As long as I like what I do, it feels good to look in the mirror and feel that it’s good for me, I’ll keep doing it. ”

Appreciation of the athlete and sport

Feminine essence

Michelly states that people need to look more at the sport that has grown in Brazil, but that is far from comparable to the recognition that athletes win in other countries.  “Athletes are much better known outside the country than right here, where they suffer prejudice most of the time.  Outside, they are so well valued that they even get money to take pictures and sign autographs. ”

She says she is hopeful and believes that bodybuilding should go into the next Olympics, since the sport requires the athlete as much as any other.  “It will be a huge joy for us, because it is a sport that demands a lot, maybe even more dedication than others.”

According to the athlete, training is the easiest part, as it is a sport that needs dedication 24 hours a day for the athlete, when it wakes, feeds and sleeps.

“It’s a very beautiful sport because it takes you out of the ‘world’ of drinking and a lot of bad things.  You take care of yourself more.  It improves your focus and determination.  The sport has brought more tranquility in my life, more individuality, “explains Michelly.

Thanks to the sport, she stopped thinking about things that do not add up.  “You lose sleep at the side of a lot of people who, in a way, suck you up.  You come home alone, and your dreams and plans are getting sidetracked and your work is compromised by it. ”

“In sport you do everything so right because you have to win, whether at work, in love, family or with God.”

Michelly firmly affirms the benefits gained in personal life with sport.  “With the sport is different, you do everything so right because you have to win and everything you do has to be well done, whether at work, in love, family or with God,” he says.

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