Some Prohormones Work Better than Others

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Prohormones provide different results
Every professional athlete or bodybuilder is looking for ways to speed up muscle gain. Some opportunities are legal and safe, while others come with significant risks.

Prohormones have been popular for some time because of their muscle mass maximization benefits. What exactly are they and are there any significant differences between the prohormone varieties?

What are Prohormones? The prohormone is defined as a hormone precursor – a substance that by itself will have solely minimal hormonal qualities.

Prohormones are a safer possibility than the use of anabolic substances. They do not cause liver damage that was previously associated with supplements and substances used to maximize muscle mass.

Anabolic substances of the past used to be methylated. In chemical terms, methylation refers to the addition of a methyl group to substances that causes liver toxicity. Prohormones are not methylated, which means that the liver is capable of processing those without getting damaged.

Prohormones can be used to meet a wide range of fitness and bodybuilding goals. The most important benefits include increased strength and endurance, rapid increase in muscle mass and fast recovery after intense gym workouts.

Which Prohormones are the Best Ones?


As already mentioned, prohormones are not created equal. Some of these muscle building supplements deliver much better results than other varieties. Individual fitness goals will be determining for the selection of one prohormone supplement or the other.

One main distinction can be used to explain the difference between prohormone brand varieties. You will come across single compound and multi-stacking formulas. Single compound supplements contain just one prohormone. The multi-stacking formula combines the benefits of several different prohormones.

The strength of the prohormone itself should be assessed for the selection of the best prohormone varieties. People that are trying prohormones for the first time need to try something “milder” for their first cycle. Going for the strongest prohormone variety could potentially be dangerous for a beginner.

A Basic Overview: Types of Prohormones

Each type of prohormone works in a specific way. You should have a good idea about the varieties – knowing how the act will help you pick the right single compound or multi-stacking supplements.

Most brands use at least one of the most common prohormone varieties. Halodrol is one of the popular picks. Supplements containing solely Halodrol are a good pick for beginners. The recommended daily dose is 50 milligrams per day and it will result in gaining anywhere between four and eight pounds during a one-month cycle.

Superdrol is another common prohormone option. The recommended daily dosage is 10 milligrams per day and the option is also right for beginners. The weight gain during a 30-day cycle is anywhere between four and 10 pounds, which makes Superdrol similar to Halodrol.

If you are interested in “dry” weight gain, which means that the water retention will be minimal, you should consider a supplement containing Epistane. A very safe stand-alone option, Epistane will also reduce the weight gain reducing from fat because it is the least estrogenic prohormone of them all. The recommended daily dosage is 10 milligrams and the cycle could reach up to six weeks.

Interested in Mass Gain

Individuals interested in more prominent gain should direct their attention towards prohormones like 1-Andro. A cycle ranging between four and six weeks will result in weight gain of over 10 pounds. The recommended daily dosage is up to 600 milligrams.

All of these prohormones are testosterone precursors. This is why they stimulate the body to produce muscle mass and to recover very fast from intense physical exercise. Keep in mind that the body will try to retain its natural balance, thus increasing the production of estrogens to counter the intake of testosterone-like substances.

If the natural estrogen production is significant, the body’s ability to produce testosterone on its own will decrease. This is why you have to choose prohormones carefully and you have to follow the recommendations about the length of each cycle and the dosage of the supplement you are currently using.

To make the most of prohormones, you should also consider trying post cycle therapy (PCT). It includes using estrogen blockers to curb the body’s natural response to the prohormones and to stimulate the production of testosterone.

Prohormones are great for getting the most of your workouts but the market is truly diversified. Each prohormone functions in a highly specific way, delivering particular weight gain benefits. Read carefully and go through supplement labels. Having a good idea about safe combinations and how these stimulate muscle gain will help you make the most of prohormones without experiencing any side effects.

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    I do not know if you’ve read the book I posted there, but if you read his books, in every book he talks about anabolic, cycles and every reality of professional bodybuilding, and he speaks openly the same as gh15, and he simply says: between hormonal and anabolic pro, uses anabolic and this fik mt clear in the books, because the side effects are similar but the gains not comparing PH with EA

    if you see this part of muzy’s text

    … “I regret every time I hear in the clinical history of a patient who complains about insufficient physical performance when he reports the use of” pre-hormonal “, because everyone, without exception, had not only symptoms of hypogonadism, In fact, what should be a consequence of misuse of these end up being the main side effects of the use of these substances – we are not talking about adverse effects (that can happen), we are talking about side effects (that happen) when they are used There is therefore no way to establish unaddressed use, much less an indiscriminate use because, in fact, such substances have no indications of use, and are there as just another product made to raise money for the industry, not to offer health, quality of life and increase of physical capacity and results as should be the moral obligation of companies working in this field “. .

    people are using PH and even so it continues with hypogonadism, it is difficult to dispute, not to mention that it only reinforces the article of the magazine that says that they do not influence

    in fact I would like to see exams of people who used a PH and la ta buying the increased target hormones, maybe the day I see this I can believe in PH

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