Pre Workout Meal Plans To Consider

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For huge muscles we all know we have to burn in gym. Interestingly only that is not enough there is a lot more that we need to do for muscle buildup. Diet and pre workout meal plans are most important aspect you need to focus on if you really want to get bigger muscles. Often I have seen people complaining of no effect from bodybuilding exercises even after trying hard. What they do wrong is not to focus on their diet and calorie intake.

If you want bigger muscles you need to have enough fuel in your body to aide it to build muscles. Your diet both pre and post workout should be well planned. Post workout diets should have enough calories to make up for the burned calories and help you gain weight. On the other side the pre workout meal is really important.

Pre workout meal plan 

Here we are going to help you to plan pre workout meal with most nutritive value.    pre workout meal plan

Size of meal

No doubt a meal can be of any size. However not all of us need tons of calories therefore it is necessary to plan the meal according to when you will be working out. The lesser time you have the less should be your meal. For a large meal it is necessary that you eat 2-3 hours before the workout. Eat a small meal a couple of hours before and if snacking then an hour before workout.

Calculate calories

The calories you intake should also be calibrated with care. Eat half the calories you intent to burn during workout. For instance if you will be burning 600 calories in workout better you eat 300 calories a couple of hours before.

When You Workout

Breakfast is a must whether you workout or not. If you are planning a workout then have a small breakfast 2 hours before as it will keep your blood sugar levels high during workout. Else your blood sugar levels will drop you will feel tires and sleepy. An egg, rice cake or a high protein toast with banana and low fat milk can be an ideal pre workout breakfast.

For afternoon workout consider eating a protein and carbohydrates rich meal. If you are planning to workout in the evening then balanced carb and protein meal is best.

Just make sure you snack about 30 minutes before if you have not eaten something recently. If you want to instantly boost your energy then drink a cup of coffee 30 minutes before workout.


Water is very important to keep yourself hydrated during workout. Drink 0.5 to a liter of water few hours in advance before workout. Water will ensure your body is getting enough oxygen supply and easy blood circulation to meet and recover from the exercise stress.

You should always pay attention to how your body adapts to the changes in your diet. For best results you need to adjust both your pre workout meal and your workout exercises.

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