Popular Steroid Of Choice: Equipoise

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Equipoise for lean quality muscle
Equipoise (Boldenone Undecylenate) is a unique steroid, it promotes steady growth but has limited water when used in a certain manor, it applies a distinctive shape to areas such as the shoulders and other areas like abs, chest etc an it does give a mild to modest fullness to the body depending on a few factors. These traits make it useful during different stages, it can be used in lean growth, in the earlier stages on dialling in (even latter to some degree) and also can be used to add quality to the body whilst using hormones like Dbol, Nandrolone, higher Testosterone etc. It also stacks very well with Androl which depending on dose can be used to hold a good recomposed look or even push size.

Generally 600mg of equipoise each week is enough for it to promote the capping of the shoulders, more experienced guys will use more dose will opt for 900-1200. Personally I like to keep it 600-900mg whilst growing and let other hormones like Nandrolone, Androl, Testosterone, HGH etc for really encouraging growth, however sometimes I will go higher 1200-1500 and then use less of the other hormones mentioned depending on what I feel like at the time. When the time comes to start to dial the look in, equipoise is simply put in a good dosing zone of about 900-1200mg, the Trenbolone and Masteron will increase, Testosterone will go low and everything else will go low and out whilst I bring the body towards a leaner, dryer state before removing finally and replacing with Androl when the right time occurs.

Equipoise (EQ) In cycle

Equipoise will often increase vascularity, again this depends on a few other factors but generally speaking people with have more veins on show so long as the body fat levels are low enough, adding Androl to this so long as you have the right balance (not to much water beneath the skin etc) will add to the effect greatly.

I find equipoise to be well tolerated and can be used many months of the year. A few people do have reported issues with anxiety, blood pressure and some with high blood cell counts but  I find these to be rare in most people and even those who do have issues tend to be ok at modest doses.

The main advantage of equipoise is to the users that are oestrogen prone, because the conversion rate is about half of Testosterone and it’s visual properties it can with correct use allow for someone to make steady gains but still look conditioned without to much work or things like AI/Masteron, again depending on other factors. As a general rule oestrogen prone people will find using this 600-1200mg weekly in combination with modest Nandrolone and some low test will promote steady but good growth, obviously this can be used in combination with balanced doses of Trenbolone, Masteron etc.
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