Ostarine – how to use it and what for

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People who want to gain muscle, have greater definition or who seek more energy to perform physical activity are always in search of supplements such as ostarine and other products that can optimize and improve these results more and more.

See in this article what Ostarine is, how to use this medicine and what care you should take with using it.

What is Ostarine and how does it work?

ostarine cycle

The substances that have the capacity to stimulate the muscle mass are called anabolizantes, because these promote the increase of a process called anabolism that is characterized by the way the body builds muscular mass.

Anabolic substances also stimulate greater regeneration, influencing the recovery of muscle mass after physical activity, also helping in the maintenance and growth of muscle tissues.

Ostarine, also known as MK-2866, is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM) that stimulates increased muscle mass and strength and is an excellent choice for Bodybuilding and bodybuilding athletes.

Osterine may also be indicated for the treatment of problems related to loss of muscle mass such as sarcopenia and muscular atrophy and may also be used in cases of hormone replacement therapy for testosterone.

These androgenic receptors are involved in a complex network of processes through the activation of some specific genes and all anabolic steroids and prohormones stimulate the building of muscles through these androgenic receptors.

The drugs that block or stimulate these hormone receptors in different conditions are called selective modulators of receptors, such as the Ostarine product that acts directly on the androgenic hormones, thus stimulating a greater gain of muscle mass.

It is important to remember that to enhance the results with the use of Ostarine it is important to perform physical activities with the correct intensity to perform the muscular stimulation necessary for the definition process and, mainly, muscular hypertrophy.


How to use Ostarine and what care to take?

In addition to all the benefits seen above, Ostarine promises very efficient results of muscle mass gain, but without causing the well-known adverse effects of the traditional synthetic anabolic products currently on the market such as gynecomastia, acne, infertility, Impotence, among many others.

The cycle of Ostarine use can be made around 8 weeks, with reports of gains of up to 3.5 kg of muscle mass.  The indication for Ostarine use is 25 mg per day, orally (in drops), together with a hypercaloric diet.  It can also be used as post-cycle therapy (TPC) with a 3-week cycle.

If you experience any symptoms with Ostarine, seek medical advice immediately.  It is worth mentioning that every use of medication must be prescribed by the appropriate medical professional.  Do not use medicines without proper guidance.

Ostarine is contraindicated for people with any history of serious illness or with hypersensitivity problems with any component of their formula.

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