Nataliya Trukhina World Champion Weightlifter Profile

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Nataliya Trukhina Profile

For a long time now, powerlifting has not exactly been associated with the fairer sex. If anything, for several decades, it has been predominantly considered a male sport and the world has paid little or no attention at all to female powerlifters. After all, building muscle is majorly associated with testosterone – a hormone that is produced naturally by males. Well, that was before Nataliya Trukhina came into the picture and stunned the world.

At just 24 years ( born July 18th, 1992 ), Nataliya has made a formidable name for herself in the bodybuilding and fitness circles. The professional powerlifter who was born in Russia but raised in the United States has already achieved more than most athletes will do in their whole careers. This ranges from setting multiple arm lifting and bench press world records as well as bagging several bodybuilding & powerlifting titles.

But Just Where Did it Begin for Nataliya Trukhina?

Nataliya Trukhina

According to her latest interview, Nataliya was just 14 years old when she discovered her passion for powerlifting other highly physical sports. But this did not come as a surprise to her as she had always liked athletics and combat games from when just a child. However, at 14 she weighed just over 40 kilograms and she knew she had to gain a few pounds to match the prowess of other experienced contestants. As a consequence, she started hitting the gym regularly every day after school and grew from being a scrawny, skinny-looking teenager to one of the most muscular and powerfully built women in the 21st century.

She launched her career in powerlifting by first trying her hand in army dogfighting in high school where she excelled much to the surprise of her peers. After that, she graduated to powerlifting where she performed as an amateur at the regional competition level. This saw her become the undisputed champion of the Zabaikalye region at a tender age of just 16. Following this, the entrance to the national competition level was just naturally.

Nataliya Trukhina Body Form and Measurements

Nataliya Trukhina stands just over 5’6″ – about 168 cm tall – but weighs a massive 92 kilograms with only a 15% fat composition. This implies that most of her dead weight is pure muscle. Her well-muscled arms measure 46cm in circumference while her well-toned legs 72 cms. This is more than most male bodybuilders can boast of.

Championships and Competitions

In 2013, Nataliya Trukhina burst into to the limelight by becoming the new world arm lifting champion by deadlifting 246 kilograms in competition. At the same instance, she also set a new world bench press record of 170 kilograms making her the youngest female world champion as far as powerlifting goes.

Later in 2014, Nataliya Trukhina cemented her reputation as the European powerlifting champion by deadlifting 240kg and bench pressed 170kg in the competitions in Crimea.

But How Does She Maintain such an Outstanding Behemoth Physique?

Unlike a majority of other bodybuilders and powerlifters, Nataliya Trukhina has always been open about her use of anabolic steroids. For instance, in 2015, she admitted to taking about 150 to 200 mg of the common anabolic steroid Primobolan just before major competitions. And during her training days, her personal coach recommends about 20mg of Oxandrolone on a regular basis. All of this is backed up by a concoction of oestrogen blockers in a bid to create one unique package.

That aside, Nataliya also confessed that at one time she was tempted to give growth hormones such as peptides and insulin a try, but later decided that they weren’t the best for her.

Although Nataliya is heavily reliant on steroids to boost her natural physique, she has time-and-again confirmed that she can still maintain great shape and form even without doping. It is only that steroids give professional powerlifters that much-needed edge during competitive contests.

Personal Life and Relationships

In 2014, Nataliya Trukhina got engaged to her current boyfriend who also doubles up as her personal coach. Apart from powerlifting and actively taking part in bodybuilding competitions, Nataliya is also involved in the mentorship of young and upcoming powerlifters in her native Russia. Her latest protege is Yulia Victorovna Vins – also know as Julia Vins – who is a 19-year-old powerlifter. With just two years of training under the training and mentorship of Nataliya Trukhina, the teenager has built a very impressive physique and has posted promising deadlifting and bench pressing stats already.

Nataliya Trukhina
Nataliya Trukhina

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