Muscle Building Diet Essentials

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Implementing a healthy muscle building diet

Building pure unadulterated muscles is technically difficult in all cases. It is because how harder you burn in gym if you are not on proper muscle building diet you will never be able to build muscles as you wish for. You need fuel to burn to produce muscles and diet helps you with that.  For healthy muscle building it is necessary that appropriate conditions are created implementing proper diet plan.

There are endless choices to pick from but bodybuilders have tested and used some foods for years and they should be to in list. Here are the essential picks for a muscle building diet.

muscle building diet
muscle building diet

Egg Whites

Bodybuilders always incorporate eggs in their diet because the protein is to fat ratio in egg whites is 60:1 which pretty huge and pure source of protein is. Apart from that egg whites have high biological value which means maximum nutrients from egg white is absorbed by the body.


Turkey must be on the list of every body builder as it is lean meat source with excellent source of protein. In an ounce of turkey 73% is protein and 22% trans fat. You want bigger muscles you need to have turkey in your diet.


Bodybuilders are always warned against diet with high fat but fish is an exception to this. There is high fat in fish but not bad trans fat but healthy and essential Omega-3 and fatty acids which help in muscle building.

Have a look at the percentage of protein in some fishes.

Fish                        Protein                

Salmon                                 69%

Sardines               47%

Tuna                      88%

Trout                     56%


No alternative to water and bodybuilders need it more than anyone else. Our body is 7% water all muscles, cells and tissues contain water. Minimum 10 liters of water a day is necessary for body builders to stay hydrated and make your muscles looking full. Water is also necessary to transport nutrients in the body which is important to keep it healthy. muscle building meal plan

Low Glycemic Carbohydrates (Slow-Burning Carbs)

It is very wrong assumption that muscle can be built alone with protein. Carbohydrates are equally important for muscle building and you need slow burning carbs for sustaining your muscle buildup. Foods like oatmeal and sweet potatoes are great source of slow burning carbohydrates. The glycogen stored in body acts as the source of fuel when you exercise. However, when the levels of glycogen decreases fast body tends to make use of muscles as fuel degenerating them.

Therefore it is necessary that you have slow burning or low glycemic carbs in your body for sustaining muscles.

Whey Protein

Last in list whey is most talked about source of protein. It is very important supplement to be used by body builders. There are many brands which are offering whey protein supplements choose one with care.

Finally it is your diet which is really going to work for you. If you want a physique you always dreamt of you need to have proper and strict diet.


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