Learn the importance of testosterone for women

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Already advanced: the subject is controversial!  In fact, it became controversial because the use of testosterone in both men and women increased significantly in the last decade, mainly for aesthetic purposes.  In fact, when we think of testosterone in women, we come to mind those supermasculinized and muscular, who make abusive use of anabolic steroids.  However, many people still do not know the importance that this hormone has in a woman’s life, of course, when at ideal levels.

testosterone hormone for women
testosterone for women

Testosterone is considered a male hormone because its blood levels in it are 20 to 30 times higher than in women.  However, it is the hormone we all produce, and it is as important to us as it is to men.  And over time, your blood levels gradually decrease.

Testosterone for women many uses

Stress, sedentary lifestyle, contraceptive use and irregular diet are some factors that lead to a decrease in testosterone in young women, such as fatigue, lack of libido, weight gain, difficulty in gaining weight. muscle mass.  After menopause the production of testosterone drops significantly, leading to a worsening of these symptoms.  Often the woman complains of intense fatigue associated with unexplained discouragement and even depression.  It begins to take medications with effect in central nervous system, like antidepressives  and they do not present improvements, needing doses higher and without great changes.  When in fact your biggest problem could be a simple hormonal deficiency that is no longer evaluated.

Testosterone for women at optimal levels brings numerous benefits.  The woman feels more disposed in the day to day and also to practice physical activity, it leads to the increase of the muscular mass, it improves sexual libido, it helps to slim, it increases memory capacity, it has antidepressive effect, cardioprotective effect and it increases bone mass.  It is also worth mentioning that its excess can present symptom in women like acne increase, hair loss, oily skin, altered voice and clitoris increase.


Currently we hear a lot about hormone replacement in women, it is a very effective therapy to treat the lack or decrease of some hormones in our body, including testosterone.  But we must be careful.  A rigorous and detailed evaluation should be done by the doctor, so that the doctor can evaluate if there is a deficiency of this hormone and thus recommend or not the testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).  Despite the many benefits of TRT, there are contraindications, some of which are absolute, that is, under no circumstances should you take testosterone replacement, for example if you have a personal or family history of breast or uterine cancer.

Therefore, women, watch your symptoms, go to the doctor and get your exams regularly.  Eating well, practicing physical activity, having a restful night’s sleep are great ways to slow down testosterone.

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