IFBB Pro Female Bodybuilder Helle Trevino Profile

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Introduction to Helle Trevino

Bodybuilding is a sport that has picked in the last few years. More women have joined the sport in the last few years than at any other time in history. Helle Trevino is among the most well-known female body builders. She is a woman of Danish origins, who has made a name for herself as one of the top female bodybuilders of this decade.

Helle is one of the most physically imposing female bodybuilders in the world. She is five feet five, which is quite tall for a female body builder. Her perfect conditioning has earned her accolades in her native Denmark and all over the world. Most people who know about bodybuilding like her to a female Dorian Yates. Mr. Yates is a former male body builder, who took the Mr. Olympia title.

Helle Trevino Beginnings

Helle Trevino
Helle Trevino

Helle Trevino was born on a Danish farm in the rural area of Sønderborg. During her time in rural Denmark, her father used to work out on a regular basis. She must have given her the motivation to get into body building later on. Later on, when she went to college, she majored in German and English. Afterward, she ventured into body building by taking courses in nutrition and body training.

Her Career

Since early on, she was an athletic child who took up competitive sports as early as three years of age. She was a gymnast and she also took up other sports. Some of these were track and field, swimming, shotput, horse-riding, martial arts, biking, boxing, yoga, and ballet. At the age of seventeen, she joined a gym and trained seven days each week.

In the beginning of her training, she was 128 pounds. At the end of her first year, she had piled on 29 pounds of pure muscle. At that instance, she came to the realization that she had the potential to hulk out. She realized that her genes allowed her to build up muscle fast.

Helle Trevino Competition

At twenty-two years, she became inspired enough to take part in competitive body building. One of the most inspiring role models was Ms. Olympia Kim Chivzevsky. At the Danish Nationals, she emerged victorious on her first try. After just five weeks, she was declared the winner of the Scandinavian Competition. The following year, she felt encouraged enough to compete in the IFBB world championships. The competitions, which were held in Austria, brought her to the limelight. The show earned her a new title; “Denmark’s queen of density’.

World Stage

Helle Trevino was the first professional body builder to take on the world stage since Lisser Frost-Larsen. On her pro debut, she managed to clinch the Jan Tana Classic, which was held in 2003. Within just a few months of that competition, she was declared fifth at the Ms. Olympia competition. The Ms. Olympia title is the most prestigious title on the world stage for female body building. She, later on, took a break to concentrate on building up her training business.

She made a comeback in 2011 at the FIBO Power Pro show. On the back of that win, she took part in the Ms. Olympia completion held in Las Vegas. In the 2015 competition, she was declared the second best female body builder on earth. This continued to solidify her firm position in body building.

Her Residence

Since coming in second at the new Ms. Olympia competition, she has moved from her native Denmark. She now resides in California. She is currently focused on taking the next Ms. Olympia title and not merely coming in at second place. As of now, she works out at the Gold’s in Venice. The gym is considered to be a mecca for bodybuilders from all over the world.


Helle is a person who has worked their entire life to be where they are. She is proof that with enough effort, anyone can achieve what they want. It has taken her years to achieve what she has achieved. She manages to combine her nutritional and physical training with her training. She is among the few athletes in the world who have had to rely on their own to get where she is. Her long journey to success should serve as an inspiration to bodybuilders worldwide.

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