How to Stop the Excuses, and Start Working Out

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I can clearly state that you are pretty much into practice of self loathing about your fitness and you find excuses easily for not working out. How do I know? Well you are not reading this post for your degree project or are you?

I understand that you want to make an impact on your health in a positive manner and for this you need to get started. There are many ways to achieve what you want but the most needed ingredient is commitment.  Getting started is tough but it is not the hardest. Staying on track with your weight loss or fitness plan is what is the toughest and for this you need motivation.

I think I can get you started with the motivation and commitment thing. Here are a few self inducted and tested and used tricks which I found really helpful to get started.start exercising

Kill excuses first

Let’s face it you have no genuine reason to delay your workout plan. What does that mean when you say I am feeling sleepy and tired? interestingly working out will boost your body energy levels and you can easily with laziness. Body aches? Yeah right you are so dead into it then you definitely need to work out. You think I am nuts, well most people will agree with you but this time I am not kidding. Most of the body aches are because of inactive and sedimentary lifestyles. I italicized those words so you can focus on them easily. You physically poor lifestyle can get you into serious troubles like heart and blood problems as well as obesity.

Suitable time

Kick this insanity out of your mind that there is some suitable time to work out. You can start with your fitness regime right now when you are reading this. Just do some stretches sitting on your chair. Do some light pushups; for mental peace try some deep breathing exercises. All these exercises do not require any special medical attention. You just need to get started and as you get comfortable with these exercises progress to tough ones.

Workout guide

Once you are on your track it is necessary that you keep yourself motivated and committed. There are few tricks which can help you to keep with the fitness regime.

Start slow

You cannot turn into a chiseled and crafted body overnight. It needs patience and above all it is necessary to start slow to avoid any physical injury. Do not run for early results instead start slowly and you will be able to allow your body to adapt to the lifestyle change. This approach will also save you from discouragement which you can get from hasting.

Set small goals

To remain committed and motivated it is very important that you set small and realistic goals. Achieving these goals will encourage you to go a step higher. It will not take years to get the goal you ultimately want but for that you need to start with smaller ones.

Make it a routine

Once a workout regime becomes part of your routine, you need not to take any pain to remain on track. Being in shape and health is important and it is something not that difficult to attain.

All it takes is little commitment and motivation to get started.

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