How to Recruit Muscle Fibers – Periodization

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Muscle Fibers - Periodization

Muscle tissue only recruit fibers he needs to get job

Have always some compound movements

Go Heavy AND Explosive

Get Intensity High Level

With this you will hit deeply diferente muscle fibers.

Fast and slow twitch. Type 2A and many fail to hit 2B not going heavy enough – explosive and failured forced reps and then Type 1.

Aiming for size we are more concerned with Type 2 going more short and heavy.

The more fast twitch we hit more size we will get.

when we start set, 2A is recruited and used for most.

Sarcoplasm expansion happen here. membrana of cell and fluid / macro retention is optimized but inside is like balloon blowed up.  We need inside to be filled to become not only diamater increased but also dense matured inside muscle cell.

What most fail to do is to struggle last reps going to failure – animalistic workout. those 2 reps we almost can not do, when seems impossible to get the rep done, is where we recruit type 2B and miofibrills inside sarcoplasm will get denser = mature dense muscle. = very solid fundation hard work.

Go heavy or go home is good philosophy here. Most athletes give up and do not hit type 2B only hit 2A.. thuis will lack part of the growth and no solid fundation will pop.

6 – 12 reps is very good specially on basic compound movements. Some short blast like 4 weeks i even got lower then 6reps if i’m feeling really animal.

Global 12 – 8reps is more suitable. Play with rest interval getting slower and fastwer when getting things heavier or intense.

Depending on muscle contente, diferente muscle grups should be hit with diferent rep range but same philosophy.

Last weeks of lean down when going kind of weak we can use more Type 1 but make sure you have at least on basic compound movement has heavy as possible to keep SIZE up otherwise you will loss volume and thasts for sure.  Type 1 when stimulated make us natty produce more desired hormones but we have our arsenal for that when hit Type 1 (need more evidences but there are a few ones with animals and with humans most deep studies i know are with swimmers) where Hyperplasia occurs and (need more evidence too) but hgh and igf high levels will contribute to cook some new muscle fibers with satellite cells. Repair and Grow > repair and grow… created more cells is what they will do.  When muscle is serioulsy and repeatdly hitted and fibers split and creat new thin ones. we need GROWTH and more IGF on blood to enhance this and then anabolics to make new muscle cell grow in increased diameter and in density contente again. (make new thin splitted fibers grow thick)

Slin and proper anabolics when nutrition is well tunned will ehnance elasticity of sarcoplasm and shuttle macros inside cell. Slin with hgh will creat proper enviromnment to liver convert hgh to igf.
Take igf and all will be short cut and no need for liver convert nothing > just pure LEAN Muscle Growth no bf.

Mthor (stimulated from bcaa’s from proper food with great aminogram content specially when rich in leucine) and other pathways will preventing cell from leaking and by this way increased diameter will be more and more with continuous Globalge.

Protein synthesis is maxed when all hormones works as orchestra and this will make us athletes absorb higher amounts of protein and get bigger.

learn what hormones works best on diferent periodizations of workouts (timings is everything with hormones, foods and workouts) and make all a beatyfull symphony.


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