GH15 A bodybuilding myth or a villain for teens?

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GH15, one fake that appeared in bodybuilding forums
Was he a sport myth and reveals great truths or just another any for fame pushing steroids?

For some time I have been wanting to write a little about this new wave that such a GH15, widely considered a demigod, a myth, one revealing truths ever spoken before, and hated by others or even ridiculed.  A great controversy over someone who inevitably face it reached its goal: Achieve a pseudo-fame and polemic.

For those who do not know about who I mean, quickly let me describe it: GH15 it is the pseudonym of one (or a) subject which through a profile with that name, is at the highest forums related to bodybuilding, telling one of the most famous bodybuilders in the world and therefore gaping truths (which are not always truths) in a very controversial way, I said to reveal the secret that lies behind the scenes of any events Bodybuilders Professionals.  Thus, practically all names are affected, Arnold, Jay Cutler, Lee Haney, Ronnie Coleman, Shawn Ray, Phil Heath, demonstrating that “possible knowingly” even by his own experiences, he said.

Some background

To start, it may seem something simple, harmless and even tempting to be observed in order to try to follow some sort of professional protocol and get good results.  So if we were just talking about bodybuilding protocols and protocols such that we are sure not only effective, but safe as well. GH15 passes professionals scopes for personal and moral spheres, ranging topics, from the protocols related to anabolic steroids (your main focus and its main subject) to aspects related to the use of hallucinogenic substances, depressive, stimulant drugs and, amazingly enough, life itself many athletes (which in my opinion is even more lack of respect, whether or not true what is said).

However, despite the brief look of innocence, this has become an uncontrolled fever which deserves critical analysis in that, GH15 has influenced countless individuals to think in certain ways that therefore also deserve consideration.

First, we’re talking about a guy who, if you want to show his face, nor is identified.  If indeed it is a professional bodybuilder (which I believe is not, at least not among the best known), several were and are the misgivings.  The fact is that most of them was that GH15 could be Nasser El Sonbaty, which was not consolidated for the death of former athlete.  A close strong suspicion was that it could be Dennis James or even Dennis Wolf, facts ALSO NEVER PROVEN.  The truth is that even GH15 and only he knows, in fact, who is behind the virtual character.

Among the most common phrases “Idol” are (paraphrased sentences): “So many kilos in X days.  And yet you come talk to me in diet and workout?  Bodybuilding is totally drugs! “,” You know what this is?  Trenbolone Ace, GH and Insulin … “,” Phillsulina (nickname given to Phil Heath for possible abusive use of insulin) was among the … sniffers “and other absurdities of the genre, unworthy of the name of many athletes.

Basically, the focus idea employed by GH15, boils down to a virtual possible professional bodybuilder character who knows many secrets of life and 99.9% sport athletes who have gone through here or which are still active and therefore reveals -the way of wide open, and its main subject the use of hormonal ergogenic in the professional world of bodybuilding.

GH15 kigtropin scam
GH15 kigtropin scam

“Wow, how cool!  We know everything !!! “… And it is to think so much, but many are deceived deeply.  Let us understand some whys:

First, we are talking about a fake, or a fake profile created with that nickname.  However, does anyone know who is really behind it?  Really know if it has so many references, or if it is some kind of “knowing” deep (just as we do not have formal scholars in many other issues)?  Someone, if you could tell me if he’s no little boy of 13 or 14 years old rebel who spends hours in front of computer writing these things?  Well, certainly not!  In this case, it would be reason enough not to believe ABSOLUTELY NOTHING of what is said, except for some obvious truths that are very far from being revealed by stupid size.

GH15 Talks about Professionals

OK!  But what if he is really someone famous?  Although I believe that it is NOT (after all, what professional deliver the “gold” of their sport?), If it is and I am mistaken, some care must be taken to take everything at face value.  That hormonal ergogenic exist in sports is undeniable.  This for years and throughout professional side (making me believe that if we doubt until Chess games have athletes who use such) is also in known.  But what many fail to take into consideration is that this is all done.  Grants, contributions and light years ahead knowledge that top athletes have.  This, not to mention that normally the GH15 fans whether they are athletes, but look at all this in reality as aesthetic purpose, which further aggravates the situation.

Athletes, however, LIVE FOR SPORT, sacrifice his life and still NOT LIVE ONLY DRUG (as says one such).  They need to eat, they stop where they are to feed, they know their dose exercises that train like it’s the last workout of their lives, to abdicate much of their social life, love etc.  Even though he talks about PROFESSIONALS.  Abroad, much of what little we know (and look at that, there are things I if you want to imagine exist and there) is done under specific conditions of individualized and EXTREMELY PROFESSIONAL QUALIFYING which can provide enough subsidies for Y or W athlete can achieve levels as high.  And yet, a huge part of your life should be sacrificed hard.

Very easy it is out on the Internet saying that “Trenbolone Ace with GH and Insulin in horsy amounts” form a bodybuilder.  The start because a bodybuilder should be in the foreground his heart, so as to be able to think what to do with your physique.  Second, a bodybuilder is not built to drugs, but primarily the character, dignity, understanding of the little aspects that govern life, as the act of breathing, eye-opening, to oxygenate every nanometer of cells … starts where if we want to see … A bodybuilder builds the foundation of a body construction, soul and feelings in a firm and concrete mix.  Where’s the teamwork?  Team in Bodybuilding?  Yeah!  Team!  Arnold perhaps would not be the same without Columbus, Dorian perhaps would not be the same without Leroy and Branch Warren perhaps would not be the same without Johnnie Jackson.  That’s teamwork.  This is to understand your neighbors!

Fake Internet Personality

Something that leaves me very frustrated not take into account people of fame and good people to pay attention to a fake internet simply because it is more convenient.  However, forget to put in the balance how this can pose in the course of a lifetime: While the right way, we will have guidelines and more correct protocols and / or insurance (include even cases where there is use of hormonal ergogenic aids), however, the path is much more difficult and requires extra sacrifices, but represent MUCH less likely to fail or cause irreversible damage for ease in reading something that does not take more than 15 or 20 minutes (aka publications GH15 gender) and exit spreading the “false knowledge” about it and, worse, doing without some link protocols.  Could it be that this is the foundation to follow?  Does this, here a few years may not reflect in large damages and / or losses?  It may be that, luckily not, but if it happens, would you have if you want a stand that internet fake?  I doubt it.

The thing spins much faster than we think.  This or this that is behind this nickname is seeking his fame (and getting the dirty costs) and sacrificing already weak ideas of many that tomorrow can be considered as the future generation.  Unfortunately, the critical capacity has been dwindling, making us assume that the error might not be in GH15, for example, but in the way we are educating our kids.  But that’s another story …

Talking lately with a big idol of mine and that certainly anyone who has the slightest knowledge about weight training and bodybuilding also knows, but I will not say who it is for her privacy issues, was oriented that my ideas were extremely revolutionary and that there might not be the best way forward.  I confess that I really had to agree with him.  The levy is something that really NOT agree too, since I think the initiative should from ideas that could provide mutual benefit and not just the individual … However …

A person “public” or, at least exert some influence over the other, for some aspect (greater experience into something, to work in the media, to represent an X group of individuals etc) and has a degree of “leadership “should dispense his words carefully: Listen: I’m not saying it can not be expressed, nor that it has to be silent or lying.  What I mean is that the influence to occur should be taken as something that enhances one or more situation or situations.  You never stopped to wonder why television presenters must be politically correct?  You never stop to think that the rulers and manipulate your words?  I, for one, am far from being someone famous.  However, I know that some people of means, know me and find my true work … So I have to know how far I can get, after all, can not throw open truths, no matter how obvious they appear or, nor cause some kind of influence is likely to represent some kind of risk, even though I that the chances are minimal.

GH15 False claims

GH15, for example, defends very consuming egg whites … and raw egg whites, most often in order to “facilitate the process”.  Okay, but let’s look at that in the US, usually egg whites are pasteurized and used, it is common there to buy … However, what could we say about Brazil?  Is it possible to find this type of product in every corner?  Is that even when we find, the price is affordable to all?  Going further: Are all GH15 information receivers know what the pasteurization process, what is their purpose and, especially, what SERIOUS RISK (including life) that the consumption of raw eggs can bring?  I think not.  But GH15 is not worried about it, but only with his own fame.  Individuals come to believe strongly in everything he says and then I fear more and more young men with great potential bowing to their ideas and choosing paths that are sure to go wrong, but that, by law of life, will have to beat head to learn.

The hallucination of these young people by GH15 is that increasingly tends to reflect on new cases which appear, for example, on television ads in a report by “death due to the use of steroids” or the like.  It is these same individuals who will occupy seats which denigrirão such a beautiful sport that is bodybuilding.  This, not counting those who are new in the middle and come to believe that only what GH15 speech is valid and real.  That it is all true and then begin to draw conclusions and ideas from a world that only knows who really spends time to fund it and see what is real passion.  But unfortunately, these will be names that will be pronounced as “athletes and bodybuilding,” when in reality barely pass from newly formed teenagers living “everything is new” in life.

GH15 ignores the positive aspects of sports and therefore shall consider only those aspects not really known.  Distorts them and then publishes the way suits you best and how more will hatch (its major focus to achieve fame).  Passes to put aside all the extra effort that professionals do.  If you take steroids and hormone use ergogenic did Ronnie Coleman, Phil Heath, Kai Greene, Dennis Wolf and many others, we would see one of these on every corner.  But however, we see?  Moreover, if taking steroids do those same things, because then diet, train hard, sacrifice fun nights, make numerous therapies such as chiropractic, shiatzu, therapies to ease tensions and tendon pain, muscle and joint consume amounts exorbitant and that cause serious gastrointestinal discomforts food, you must use creams and the like … Anyway, bodybuilding is more than “eat, train and rest” … It’s something that should be moved only to passion, strength, determination … Without an athlete was not born for that he probably will not reach a high level in order to stand out.

I have absolutely NOTHING against anyone, I think everyone who make your life what you want.  But in the same way which seek respect the people around me, the least I can hope for is that they can respect me.  And I respect also means not necessarily like, but respect my sport too, something that is fundamental in my life.  And, seeing vulgar stories about people who died allegedly using anabolic steroids and die.  When will we see are children, usually influenced by this same assholes who injected animal oil, cooking oil or mineral.  I see these same individuals as the target of something that they were not warned or even was, but for larger issues motivated them to do that.

GH15 is probably not a Brazilian.  It does NOT specifically write for Brazilians.  And this, which has to do?

When we write something to be published, often we need to take aspects into consideration: Who are we writing?  For what age group we are writing?  What is the level of education for those who are writing?  What is the culture of whom we read?  Well, the truth is that in countries outside, are very different from all the aspects that were cited, and many others as well.  Thereby achieving an American people, for example, certainly the lead as a comedian … But the Brazilian … Brazilian already has habit of believing that everything that is out there is better … If dealing with an aspect of this when it is in full revolution welfare … There does not even speak …

My dear, in short, do not want to believe that I own the truth.  THIS IS JUST MY TRUTH, BUT, CREATE YOUR OWN TRUTH!  This is just a warning about a topic that has gradually shocking me not for what I read, but the aspects that generate and influence our youth.

Stay tuned!  His life, health and the like, HAS NO PRICE!

GH15 strango
GH15 strango

One comment on “GH15 A bodybuilding myth or a villain for teens?

  1. clarkkent888 says:

    Good morning / night guys, well I was going around the forum, and I saw a certain lack of new information here, nothing very new or very curious so I decided to do this, translate posts of the famous GH15.

    Here I will explain a little about who is GH15, if you are too lazy to read, go to the end of the text kkk

    Who is gh15?

    GH15 is a famous member (former member) of the American forum getbig.

    But why famous?

    GH15 is an ex bodybuilder who has decided to spread the truth behind the bodybuilding bodybuilders, everything from the use and abuse of GH and insulin, comments on phil heath (called by him from PHILSULINA) Lee priest (Liar priest, or in Portuguese Liar priest) practically all professional bodybuilders, training methodologies, farce about supplements and much more.

    Who is behind the GH15 user?

    No one knows for sure, GH15 tries to hide its identity so it will not be harmed by telling the truth.

    The bigger probability is that he is the giant Nasser El Sonbaty, great evidence links the two, like equal training methodologies, statements about shawn ray, and kovacs beat between the two (including the nicknames used), and the love for bananas, sushi, fish (hahaha), and machine training rather than free weights. at one point GH15 came to confirm that for a while it was a top3 world bodybuilder, which ties Nasser even more.

    The biggest evidence was a video in which a person asks Nasser if he is GH15, Nasser stays almost 10 seconds without answering, with a faint smile on his face, and ends neither saying yes nor saying no. After a while, the video was taken off the air …

    Other names that emerged were: Dennis James, Lee Priest, Kevin Levrone, or that the account would be divided among several people.

    Gh15 has a lot of text and information about EVERYTHING that involves bodybuilding, so I will not be able to translate everything, much less than once, so every time, I will drop a list of subjects and texts about which he commented, and you They will choose which one I will translate.

    All matters on steroids will be posted on the steroid area, while others will be posted right here in general matters.

    To choose the subject for translation, you can vote for the poll there in cim (or below, I do not know where kkk is)

    ps: The texts will be translated by myself, no google translator.

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