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The FST-7 training method is one more among many methods of training the bodybuilding, which was created by HANY RAMBOD, bodybuilding coach and coach of countless champions.  Among so many athletes, we can mention current big names like Phil Heath and Jay Cutler as faithful followers of this methodology.  But what is the FST-7?  The “F” comes from FASCIA ( connective tissue composed mainly of collagen fibers that lines the muscles providing structural protection to these) the “S” of STRETCHING , the “T” of TRAINING and the “7” Are the SEVEN SERIES that should be performed in the last exercise of each muscle group!  So we can not do a literal translation into Portuguese or the result would distort the real meaning.

See what it is and how to properly execute the FST-7 training method


We know that muscle size increases when mechanical overload is applied (HARRIDGE, 2007).  When we train at maximum intensity, several intracellular signaling and hormones are responsible for the regulation of muscle hypertrophy, and the following can be highlighted: Mammalian Target of Rapamycin (mTOR – Insect Growth Factor 1 (IGF- 1), Testosterone, Growth Differentiation Factor 8 (GDF-8 / Myostatin) and satellite cells (GLASS, 2005; SORELLI and FULCO, 2004; SANDRI, 2008; HARRIDGE, 2007; KADI, 2008).  So what does the FST-7 have different from other training methods?

Rambod observed during his years of study in medicine that the thickness of muscle fascia varies from muscle to muscle, depending on its function and location and this could be a factor impeding the maximum development of the musculature.  Muscular groups of tonic predominance (the antigravitational ones), that is, those that help us to support the upright posture like calves, Isquiosurals, paravertebrais have a fascia thicker than other muscular groups phasic.

The thicker the muscle fascia, the more this will resist the transversal development of the muscle and vice versa.  Therefore, the training base is very simple and consists of maximizing the fascia with the specific training causing the muscles to reach the maximum PUMP (that momentary muscular swelling caused by the large volume of blood taken to the musculature and of extravasated water of the Blood plasma to the extracellular environment) “releasing” the musculature “trapped” by the fascia for its maximum development.

After years of trial and error, Rambod has come up with the best “formula” of the FST-7.  The method consists of two phases:

There will be 2 to 3 multiarticular exercises between 8 and 12 repetitions with the maximum load until muscle failure and NOTHING ELSE.  Forget drop-sets, forced repetitions, or any other intensifying technique.  SAVE YOUR ENERGY;  YOURE GONNA NEED IT!

Only 1 exercise in 7 SERIES will be used between 8 and 12 repetitions, but with a recovery interval of only 30 SECONDS between sets and exercises.  After all we are wanting to get the MAXIMUM MUSCLE PUMP!

During the recovery interval statically elongate the muscle being trained for 10 seconds.  BUT NOT TO SCRAT THE MUSCULATURE NO!  Just enough to feel a slight tension of stretching!

Before we delve into how to do it, let’s pay attention to one more important detail.  THIS METHOD IS HARDCORE EVEN!  FACERS, it’s a punk thing and it’s not meant for beginners or those who think they’re advanced but do not give importance to food and rest!  KNOW THE RESULTS THAT WILL GET?  INJURIES AND OVERTRAINING.  Another detail;  It will not do any good to copy the example that I will present here, because as I always repeat, training and diet should always be adapted to the biotype and physical condition of each individual.

In the weekly division proposed by Rambod the small muscle groups (triceps, biceps, calves) can be trained twice a week and the shoulders and other large muscle groups (thighs, back and chest) only once a week.  Thus the weekly division was proposed:
– DAY # 1 – Triceps, Biceps and Calves
– DAY # 2 – Thighs
– DAY # 3 – REST
– DAY # 4 – Chest and Triceps
– DAY # 5 – Back and Calves
– DAY # 6 – Shoulders and Biceps
– DAY # 7 – REST

To me it seems obvious, because Rambod put a day of rest on the third day … AND WHO TRAINS STRONG ALSO SHOULD HAVE UNDERSTOOD!  My dear, the next day of a really intense leg workout you will be a GARBAGE and also Rambod smartly with this you have managed to give the ideal recovery interval to the trained triceps in DAY # 1 so that it can be done in the breast training of DAY # 4 !


REMEMBER!  This is just one example and each training program should fit your condition … STOP MAKING COPIES AND LOOKING FOR SPECIALIZED ORIENTATION!  #caracafaleidenovo

The training is intense, yes, but I do not want to know it, so you should not lose the good mechanics of performing the exercises … WERE YOU !?

– DAY 1
Closed supine – 3-4 series x 8-12 reps;  60-90 second interval
Parallel – 3-4 x 8-12 reps;  60-90 second interval
Triceps forehead – 7 SERIES x 8-12 reps (remember to keep the 30 second interval here)



To illustrate the article, see below a video of Master Fernando Sardinha performing an FST-7 workout for biceps and triceps.


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