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Discussion in 'Injury Recovery & Prevention' started by Rajarshi Chandra, May 22, 2018.

  1. Rajarshi Chandra

    Rajarshi Chandra New Member

    May 22, 2018
    Hey im 24 male i have a pain in my wrist and forearm. im lifting weights for about a year now . last week i noticed i cant supinate or pronate my wrist it hurt so i took 6 days of training then i did tricep today and i just went to do bicep my wrist hurt in ulnar side even with 2.5 kg dumbless the smallest i have so i stopped. Next day i have pain in my forearm and wrist when i try to bend or twitch or turn some times i feel buring sensation or pain in random i cant even pick up 3 - 4 plates at once after dinner with my right hand my wrist joint in ulnar side hurts .. im so worried what maybe the cause please help thank you
  2. PillarofBalance

    PillarofBalance Strength Pimp Staff Member

    Feb 27, 2011
    Location of the pain needs to be more specific. A pic with a dot on your arm where it hurts could help.

    What's the pain like? Ache? Burning?
  3. Dr. Joe

    Dr. Joe New Member

    May 27, 2018
    You may have developed some fascial adhesions in the muscles of the forearm which are resulting in irritation (tendonitis) in the elbow. Try rolling the muscles of the forearm with a massage ball. Here's a video I did a while back going over the proper technique. Hope it helps. Good luck!
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  4. Rajarshi Chandra

    Rajarshi Chandra New Member

    May 22, 2018
    UPDATE ITS FIXED now i can do heavy barbell curls .. thankx all
  5. schuyler

    schuyler Member

    May 31, 2018
    try taking devils claw and stretch

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