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Workout equipment



TID Lady Member
Apr 12, 2018
Ok, I'm pretty new in any kind of fitness (never been a sports type :D) so I have quite a few questions.

When it comes to shoes... Do I need to get the most expencive ones or you have some suggestions? Same when it comes to clothes :)


Senior Moderators
Feb 15, 2013
Hi Diana, I see you are a new member, welcome.
With regards to your question about shoes, that will just come down to pure personal preference. Same as it goes with clothes.
If you are comfortable in leggings all the time and don't want to wear shorts, then don't wear shorts and wear leggings all the time.

I have my workout shoes and I use them for all things working out. Cardio and weightlifting. I used them all throughout my competition prep (just did a physique show on 3/31). The amount of money spent on either does not always equate to your personal preferences.

Buy a pair of nice cross trainer shoes and see how they go for you. Start middle of the road in terms of price or if you have the funds, by all means splurge. You can also go to a good sports store and they can recommend a pair for you there.
In terms of working out clothes, wear things appropriate for the activity. For instance, if you are going to do cardio, you may want to go less on the clothes so you can feel lighter. At least this works for me lol. For instance, I will wear a sports bra, tank top, shorts, socks and shoes. Sometimes if I am lifting weights, I may wear the same or what not. I usually wear layers and shed layers as I get warmed up.

Hope this helps.
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