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Winter bulk: high deca low test



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Jun 15, 2018
The reason I am using slin and will continue to do so is because it allows me to use less aas to achieve the mass I desire. Death notwithstanding, I feel slin is much milder in sides than running high doses of aas. What is your opinion on this thinking?

Cycle: Let’s see

Started pinning deca then took drol while it was coming on. So I have a good feeling of what drol is like. Only ran it 5 weeks.

10 weeks later (so know I have a very good idea of what high dose deca feels like on its own) I start tren Ace.

Give that 4 weeks because IME TA is in full effect at 3 -4 weeks.

Now I’m taking dbol.

I did put thought into it and intentionally spaced things out so that each compounds effects wouldn’t become too unidentifiable.

I was a chef so I readily understand the soup analogy.

My goal is basically to walk around looking good at 275 on trt and I think we need to blow up to over 300 to get there.

I actually feel good now and BP is in range. Tying my shoes is difficult, but I just gave that up and wear slippers everywhere. (Half kidding).
Not over the top in comparison to some of these cats running 3+grams total, but the over complication makes it hard to judge things accurately.

For instance, could the tren/deca combo have been wicked awesome and you didn’t even know it because the slin smoothed out the shreds? Between deca and dbol and drol, the water weight and glycogen retention alone makes it hard to see what’s really going on.

The soup analogy is pretty good if you haven’t heard it. When making a new soup, a good chef will taste the soup after every addition, never adding too much, or more than one thing, at a time. That way, when it’s perfect, you know exactly the recipe, and when it’s not, you know what just effed it up.

On my way up to a solid 320, I competed at 275 multiple times and was running crazy cycles and complicated cycles and eating dirty often and blowing up fast, but I always felt it, and I looked like I felt it too.
Coming back down from 320, when I hit 275 again, it was basically on trt, my diet was on point, and THAT 275 felt 100x better than the 275 with a bunch of compounds.

I’m not trying to say not to experiment, just that a good experiment limits variables to get precise results.
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Feb 3, 2011
Alright, if you genuinely could feel and isolate the effects/side-effects of each compound through the cycle, I digress.

As for insulin, I’ve used it multiple times so here’s my opinion.

Slin isn’t the miracle shuttle we hope for. It’s a shuttle, but a miracle shuttle would know what to shuttle and where and when to stop. Insulin just blindly shuttles the shit outta everything. Clean or not, those extra cals get stored. GH helps a lot to keep the visceral fat down while bulking on slin, and keeping the diet ultra clean (especially around slin pinning),will make slin shine. But it’s so easy to put on bad weight on slin, at the risk of death each time, that I pretty much always tell anyone that its unnecessary.