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who is on GH all year

genetic freak

genetic freak

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Dec 28, 2015
I plan on trying my first time at age 54, 235lbs, 6'...just getting back in gym after 2 years of physical set backs. Plan on doing 3iu a day but open to suggestions. You guys pin in stomach or traditional spots and what g needle and length are you using. Also, pin 2x or 1x a day? Doing alot of research and it's all over the place. Still be cruising on 300mg of test and 100mg of mast per week. Open to criticism or good advice.
If you are just going to do 3 iu a day, keep it to a single dose. You can go sub-q or IM, dealer's preference. I would use an insulin pin or if you plan on using a detachable then a small gauge like, 31 g. Timing... Be consistent, but just take it when you remember. There are a lot of people who say it is best to take it in the am, pre workout, post workout, before bed, middle of the night, etc... However, due to individual responses, studies have been inconclusive as to which is better.
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