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Who here has had COVID-19?

How many times have you been infected by COVID-19

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Jul 7, 2021
Had it back in March 2020. My sense of smell/taste changed for weeks, breathing became difficult, huge amounts of brain fog I've yet to recover from and I couldn't walk more than 50ft from a toilet for more than 10 mins. It weakened my immune system enough that I broke out with shingles on top of it all.

That was an absolutely miserable experience.


Oct 30, 2022
Ive heard a lot of horror stories on those with COVID. Ive always had a great immune system against colds/flu.
I got the Flu only once (Im 56) and it was after a flu-shot. So I never got a flu-shot again, and never got the flu again.

That why having a 24-hr bug, Im unsure if it was even COVID. The home test said it was, but I cant believe or trust those.
The flu magically disappeared for 2 yrs while everyone popped hot for RONA.

The scam was in the testing...


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Jan 19, 2011
I caught it when the delta variant was going around. Felt like a head cold at first then I sat down one day to eat my blueberry cheesecake for my cheat meal and I couldn't taste it. I was like WTF, so I went and opened a jar of minced garlic, stuck my nose in it and couldn't smell it. I was tired as hell, but still went to work every day. When I walked by the fever alarm I was close to going over a couple times, but never broke the threshold. The policy at work was, "If you have COVID-19 symptoms or a fever of 101 or higher, stay home and contact HR for further guidance." Since they never posted what the symptoms were or informed me via meeting or correspondence, I felt no obligation to stay home. Stayed out of the gym for a week and lost about 15 lbs.
Yeah I remember we had it at the same time. For me it wasn't a cheat meal that gave away the smell/taste thing. I was cutting onions and couldn't smell them and my eyes didn't water at all even when I stuck my fingers in my eyes. FUCKED UP Fauci virus.


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Mar 18, 2012
Yes, I had the flu. No different than any other year(s). For chits and giggles I paid out of pocket to have my antibodies tested and sure as rain I have the antibody.

For anyone ready about to pounce..........I have moderate asthma, was 40lbs over weight, not fat but the cardiovascular and respitory systems don't konw the difference. Its a strain just the same.

Furthermore I spent the winter of 2006/2007 in assisted living. From just before Christmas to New Year Day 7 died from the flu going around the facility. Covid 06 or Covid 07?
BD Cool

BD Cool

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Dec 1, 2011
Had Covid 1 time in January of 22... felt like I had a minor cold for about a week... nothing major at all.


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Jan 12, 2018
I just got it first week of Oct and it was no biggie, but right after covid I had a sinus infection and almost 2 weeks ago I've been struggling with Vertigo. If tilt my head looking straight up, the room starts spinning. If I lay on my back in bed the room starts spinning. When it first started I woke up and I felt like I was on a ship during a big storm struggling to walk straight, thinking I was having a stroke!! The doctor said a lot of people that had covid have been going in with the same thing.

Today is the first day I looked up and no spinning, I hope this is the last of this as this sucks and not being able to sleep on my back I have had sub-par sleeping, plus not being able to bench!!


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Sep 19, 2010
I've had it 3 times. First time was the worst. Third time sucked because I completely lost all taste and smell for about 2 months.


TID Board Of Directors
Apr 23, 2011
I’m afraid to answer this thread because every time I say I’m never gunna have or get something I eat my words


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May 27, 2013
Had it twice. Once in Dec 2020 before vax. Planted for 5 days and felt like my legs were in a vice. I have a wife and 3 kids - they all had little headaches and the sniffles for a couple days. I lost taste and smell for a few weeks and didn't feel myself for a couple of months. Dozing off at work and stuff like that.

Got the useless vax for work spring 2021.

Got it again right after big 2021 New Years Eve party. I had a cold for a few days. Wife never got vax - she was planted for 3 days. Kids - who will never get vaxxed - had bad cold/mild flu symptoms for a couple days. I guess it's just all how it hits you.

I'll never test again because what's the point - get sick, rest, get better, get back to life. I wish I never got the best it's a flu shot. At worst....well we don't know yet.


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Jun 25, 2012
My mother is a boostered screwball... this is her 2nd time having it since the booster last march. She felt like absolute shit yesterday but feels much better now. She said today she regrets getting the booster and will never touch a covid shot again.

In other news my wife still looks like chevy chase so covid is the least of my concerns


Nov 16, 2022
Had the original recipe summer 2020. Didn’t get sick again until last week with a minor cold. The OG Covid though hit me pretty heavy, but thankfully didn’t require hospitalization. Sure did f up my breathing for a few days though near the end of it.
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