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Who here has had COVID-19?

How many times have you been infected by COVID-19

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    Votes: 8 26.7%
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VIP Member
Jun 25, 2012
Had it twice that I know. Maybe more

Had it in feb 2021 and it was a sore throat and no taste for a week

Got the useless vax nov 2021 in order to fly to aruba

Tested positive again in dec 2021(omicron).. no symptoms at all, only tested because someone in my office had it and they asked us to test.

The vaccine may of helped but something tells me it was useless and my natural antibodies are much better... but what do I know?.... i used to snort crushed fina pellets


VIP Member
Dec 17, 2019
"i used to snort crushed fina pellets" The FDA has approved alot of interesting COVID treatments, mostly to make Big Pharma money, but I doubt crushed fina pellets would get through the approval process as a prophylaxis for COVID reinfection, but then again, if Big Pharma could make money on it, it just might pass. Perhaps a fina inhaler.
jipped genes

jipped genes

VIP Member
Oct 22, 2022
Never vaxxed. I took ivermectin, D3, Quercetin and zinc.

On Thursday at work I had the chills. Went to one of those drive up testing. Sure enough I was covid +. Friday I bummed around the house. Saturday I got up and Trimmed the hedges, took the clippings and branches to the dump. Sunday I went out on my kayak and went fishing. It never got into my lungs, I never got more than a mild fever and mild body aches for 3 days.

glad I did not get that damned shot and be a part of the biggest drug trial ever.

my brother in law and his fam got the jab. He, an adult got severe myocarditis. Doc says he has scarring of his heart and eventually he will prob have to have a new heart. He is a shell of the man he once was. Lost 50 lbs. cannot even walk on a treadmill for more than 5 minutes. This was almost a year ago. He is screwed.


VIP Member
Jan 19, 2011
I thought the wife and I had it in late 2019 into Jan 2020 but no loss of taste or smell so probably a flu. Then last Oct we both had it, did the hydroxy/Z-pak/zinc/iver protocol and we made it OK. Wife had it a lot worse than me and she had hesitated on the ivermectin. As soon as we added it in she turned for the better. We were not vaccinated. I am a vaccine expert and understand this thing better than most. For 2 decxades there have been attempts to create a vaccine for coronavirus and most attempts involved using the spike protein as the or the only main antigen. In most animal models the results were devestating. Most animals died. So my family and I refused to take the vaccine. Now we are seening the fallout no matter how the media and government agencies try to bury information. this is very sad, Having spent the last 27 years in research science and now seeing complete loss of public confidence in science as a whole is difficult to stomach. On a brighter side... anabolic androgenic steroids are safe and effective!


VIP Member
May 24, 2017
I wish that I could find the article that I was reading a few months back but the odds of someone not having covid at this point is like 1 in 1,000,000. Many have little or no symptoms at all but were still infected.

The better question would be, who hasn't.

Massive G

VIP Member
Apr 10, 2020
I haven't had it. And I tested every time I felt bad. I got the Vax in June 2021 and had no reactions other than itchy dry skin and red welts in odd places that almost gave me a divorce. 2 weeks on tap after each shot on the dot. I have been in close contact with infected people 20 times due to contact tracing and it hasn't got me yet.


Oct 23, 2010
I died from covid.

Doctors said it would have been worse if I hadn’t got the vaccine.

Just kidding. I never died. Never got the vaccine either.

Survived the most deadly virus in history without ever knowing I had it. Who would have thought? lol
The Angry Chihuahua

The Angry Chihuahua

Nov 12, 2022
I was just curious I know a lot of members have had it but some like me have never tested positive.
I have had it twice this year. First, I had it in January. I just had it again in Mid-October. First time was worse. The second time was like a bad cold, but I slept for seven days.
genetic freak

genetic freak

VIP Member
Dec 28, 2015
I caught it when the delta variant was going around. Felt like a head cold at first then I sat down one day to eat my blueberry cheesecake for my cheat meal and I couldn't taste it. I was like WTF, so I went and opened a jar of minced garlic, stuck my nose in it and couldn't smell it. I was tired as hell, but still went to work every day. When I walked by the fever alarm I was close to going over a couple times, but never broke the threshold. The policy at work was, "If you have COVID-19 symptoms or a fever of 101 or higher, stay home and contact HR for further guidance." Since they never posted what the symptoms were or informed me via meeting or correspondence, I felt no obligation to stay home. Stayed out of the gym for a week and lost about 15 lbs.


TID Board Of Directors
Jan 20, 2011
Tested twice negative both times. People all around me had it almost non stop. It was fucking weird like I’m bullet proof.

Never got the jab.


Oct 30, 2022
Had it twice, both times for like a day, like a flu/cold. The scam is in the testing.
Im guessing most normal cold viruses flagged as RONA on those home tests...


VIP Member
May 9, 2012
Had it just the once, put me down for three days. Very flu like, tested positive with an at home and an MD office test. Because of state of wisconsin policy I did get vaxed... no I think i am one of those with lingering respiratory effects. get winded going up a flight of stairs, wheeze and cough after... joy of joys
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